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Fine swords and knives...yar!

Zoom Rabbit

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Looks to be a marine sponge of some sort...


The creature should be properly dispatched with a point thrust through the exoskeleton into the brain stem. Then slice it with a heavy duty bread knife (yes, the one pictured by me would suffice) and allow it to dry in the sun.


Not a saw. :max: A bread knife.



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New addition to my arsenal:



British pattern 1827/45 rifle brigade officer's sword.


1827/45 means it's the regulation adopted in 1827, made after 1845. They are still in use today, but the wear and patina of this example indicate it is at least nineteenth century.





The handle is wrapped with shagreen (shark skin) and copper wire. The blade is etched with British flags and rifle brigades emblem.



Hilt with brigade emblem.


The only damaged area on this piece, some of the detail has been removed...but the outline of crown, badge and horn are still visible. In every other way, the sword is in original condition, still well mounted and the blade is straight. Score!


I say. :max: Who's up for lopping the heads off peasants, to-day?

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New addition to the arsenal. :) Nineteenth century French bayonet for the fusil grande rifle.




Here it is out of the scabbard: a sturdy stabbing weapon with a wide back. French soldiers were supposed to fence with these, if necessary... :dozey:




The handle, just the way we like to find them. 138 years of patina, every scratch and ding from when it was dropped on the battlefield when the retreat was called...no damn fool has tried to refinish the wood or take steel wool to the metal.




These are fairly common bayonets, but they're super cool. On the back of each one is inscribed in elegant script 'Manufacture de Armes de St. etienne' and the exact date in month and year of manufacture. Mine's been around since february of 1876.




I do love a good sword bayonet. :max:

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Yesterday I was beset by ninjas, and I had to use the pickle whistle to charm them with a reedy-sounding Japanese flute melody. It worked. Keep your nasssty dookie sword...


Anne Summers? Is she still around? I ought to pop in the window real quick just to give the old gal a slap on the ass.


Actually, those pickle whistles were given free to kids at Burger King when I was little. I made my dad teach me new swear words with mine.

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New find at the local flea market. Usually, there is only junk to be found there, but this time I found this Pakistani damascus steel knife.




This not the usual cheap stuff with 'Pakistan' stamped on the blade; such weapons are mass produced over there for export, and are suitable only as wall-hangers. :dozey: If you don't have any taste. This dagger is substantial, and was clearly made for use by a Pakistani, as the handle represents traditional Islamic stylism.




Modern damascus steel is made of two kinds of steel pattern welded together. It can be faked by acid etching the bands into the steel, but the pattern will not wrap around the spine as this does. The scalloped areas cut out of the spine are difficult to make out in this photo, but they do show that the grain goes into the steel.




A close up of the handle. Made of two kinds of plastic molded in layers for the banded effect and textured by being heated and impressed with cloth, this is hand workmanship old school style with modern materials. The decorations are steel, copper and brass pins inserted in the handle, then sanded down. Someone put some work, and love, into this.




I paid $45 for it, a high price at a flea market. Everyone else looked at him as if he were crazy. 'Pakistan? Really?' I recognized the quality and snagged it, no haggling.

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Are you guys seeing ads for samurai swords pop up with this thread?


Modern technology is still tripping me out. :D Doesn't mean they have a chance in hell of selling me one of their Longquan blades online, but it amuses me that some program is reading this and that's what it thinks it should post for an ad. Let me try something.


*Ahem* I think videos featuring lesbians, FFM, MMF, FFF, MMM, FMF, group sex, mature, anal, gay, teen sex and hentai are deplorable.


*(Watches the ads change.)*


:max: Phenomenal.

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