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Kotor RPG fighting system.


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Hey everyone :)


Back in the days in 2003, when i was a little brat, while reading a magizine about the newest relases i stuck upon a review about Star Wars KOTOR, for my first time. I got so excited, that i almost spilled my milk, all over my cookies. Then it all came back to my, all those amazing and exciting saber fights from Jedi Outcast, easy and so much satysfying to use force powers, but then i rolled my eyeballs on the "Genre section", which basically said "R...P...G". Then i thought to myself "Huh... an RPG game based on Star Wars? Thats something cool and unuasual" While i was reading all those praises, and the overall grade in the review (9/10) i was excited more and more, but there was one little thing, that concerned me. What about the saber fights, that thing which is so much iconic for all the Star Wars movies, games and overall being a Jedi. There was no info about it in the review, just only a few screenshots in the 3'rd person perspective view.


Few months later, when i got my hands on the game i was so happy and started to play it immediately. After few days i completed it and the game was so amazing. The story was awesome, characters had so much depth in them, overall gamplay was darn good. Every single of my Star Wars fan needs were satysfied, except one. In terms of Saber fighting, it cut back to just pointing and clicking on enemies. Now im aware, that most of the RPG games are played like this, and it works fine for them, but in case of Star Wars, the fighting system should have more included, then just point and click at things. You see after playing Outcast, and then Academy i thought, that LucasArts would stick to this kind of Saber fighting idea, after all it was perfect. It was complex, yet easy to learn, so stysfying to use, so spectacular to watch. Combined with using force powers, it was a cherry on an ice cream sunday........ And then when KOTOR came out, they abandoned it.....


Overall, my question here is. Dont you think that KOTOR would done better as an Hack&Slash/RPG game, then just Point&Click/RPG type of a game. I mean Kotor done great for what it was, and on the most sites/magazines, the overall grade were always 9, 8.5 etc. But ill bet, that if the saber fighting system and force using was more close to exciting and satysfying JO/JA, than just cut back to simple point and click at things, the overal grades would hit MAX 10/10 on every gamesite/magazine.


Deep down in my Star Wars fan heart i still wish for a KOTOR mod or something, that would change the fighting system completely, but i know that it basically imposible to do so, oh well....


Or even better... Imagine a SW game, with KOTOR RPG like gameplay, combined with Hack&Slash type of saber fighting, force using from JO/JA. That would be so great.

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