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How long has Lucasforums got left?


How long has Lucasforums got left?  

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  1. 1. How long has Lucasforums got left?

    • It's immortal and will life forever!
    • 2-3 years maybe
    • A year at best
    • It's on it's last legs and I'm shaking and crying uncontrollably with worry!

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Well let's take a look at the potential killers here as far as you should be concerned... we've got one guy *cough* Zoom *cough cough* who doesn't always talk sense and has an abode filled to the brim with slicing weapons, we've got Huz who goes on about the Huz experience that no one here is even sure of what that comprises of, and we have DrMcCoy, who seems to simply hate you. :D So yes, it's possible. :halo2:


Everyone else would make excellent victims :angel:

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