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First of all, I play this game maniacally. I always put the same amount of troops on and over each planet and make sure to have full amount of money before starting a key mission.

Every time a new tech level-up is unlocked. I give all map centered planets back to the enemy forces to level up peripheral planets thanks to enemy forces attacks. Sometimes it takes time and skills to wait for the enemy to mass enough troops, and forces them to attack a specific planet. At the same time, i am sending an army on the attacked planet while the enemy forces are on the way. Some kind of "Planetary Bait-Trap".


Doing so, Most of the time, I reach 1500 galactic days before starting the "Jabiiim Mission"!


But le'ts go back to my bug.


I have Empire At War Gold Pack and I have a weird problem.


On the game Star Wars Empire At War, either I play the Empire or the Rebellion, Campaign Mode, I have some kind of lag or freezing on the Galactic map after a while of playing.

The lag happens on the Galactic map, Campaign Mode only.

I don't have any lags on land or space battles during campaign, skirmish mode, conquest mode, etc...

I have the game patched on Version 1.05.


The lag doesn't start at the beginning of the game.

It starts after a few hundred galactic days.

Sometimes, it vanishes by itself after doing a specific mission (for instance "capture "Mon Calamari"), then it restarts later at a different time.

The strength of lags/freezing is variable.


Once, I also had a bug on a Kuat Space Battle, Empire side being attacked by rebellion.


Enemy forces were stuck at the top of the map, not even willing to attack my bases, and after a while freely kicking their ships one by one, I couldn't select my own space ships neither on the Kuat map, nor on the Galactic map after the battle ended miraculously...


I know this game is old and it would be a miracle to see another patch, however, does anyone have an idea how to stop these galactic lags?

It ruins the fun of building and preparing planets.


I have a 2014 laptop with this spec, powerful enough to run this game on full settings without a problem:



4go RAM

i5 4200U 2.30GHz



Thanks in advance.

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If I recall, I remember someone mentioning something along the lines of; after long periods of time playing, the game degrades and gains a significant increase in lag.

So, just try saving, restarting your game, possibly even your computer. Maybe, try not taking 1500 days to do a campaign mission. As for the Kuat bug, the AI is weird like. If I had to guess, I'd say it's related to what I just said, and the game eventually broke.

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