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Hello, and welcome to my "Work In Progress" thread!

This is where any of my future projects will be placed, rather than making multiple threads for different things.


With my current skills set, I'll only be able to do texture work, but I *will* eventually want to learn how to do scripting, modelling, etc. etc.


But at the current moment, I'm more focused on my School work and personal life than this but I will eventually get to what I just said above.


Even though KOTOR & TSL are now a decade old, I still enjoy playing it and playing with mods from the community.


EDIT: I have decided that I won't do any BIG projects, as I lack the motivation to do so... plus a few more things.

I WILL however, do models, textures, and other things. But I don't think I'd want to spend 2-4 years working away at a big mod... in fact, I had 2 planned: One for K1, and another for TSL. But maybe one day I'll see about doing the things I had in mind.

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