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I need a job.


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That much is clear.


Never had a real job before (they didn't pay me during my internship because I was a foreigner) and now that I'm here, I most definitely need some form of work so at the very least it'll help my case when my dad comes to attempt to drag me back to my home country in a couple of months :ohdear:


What can someone like me get a job as? It would be cool to animate stuff but I'm not a real animator :( It'd have to be part time too because I've got course and exam stuff to do...


Any suggestions? :giveup: How does one go looking for a job anyways? Gumtree?

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I'd buy that for a dollar!


Where are you anyway? Part time jobs are probably advertised in the local job centre. Or you could sign up with a local employment agency and see if anything comes through that way. Or yeah, Gumtree probably is a thing that exists in 2014. My advice is from 1982.


Want to get into animation with no experience? I dunno, could you get in touch with some place and see if they'll let you work for free? At least that's step one on the road to getting paid for it!


I'll have a beer too while you're over there.

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Here in the US it's a popular classifieds website called Craigslist. There has to be an equivalent site wherever you are. Just look up the help wanteds, then enter a few words like 'get' and 'beer' in the search engine to see what jobs you might want to apply for. Then you find one and e-mail that contact your resume.


I did this not long ago myself, and got a half-dozen leads that almost worked out. The one that got me as their new star cook, though, was the only one I simply walked into and dropped off a paper copy of my resume. Crazy, actually, to get a job the old fashioned way in 2014...

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Unpaid internships should be outlawed. Globally.


Indeed. Makes no sense to refuse to pay foreigners - if they don't have another source of income how are they supposed to stay in the country? :mad:


Crazy, actually, to get a job the old fashioned way in 2014...


I thought I'd have to do it the old fashioned way LOL, because that's basically how my mum told me to do it and obviously she was talking about a different time :rolleyes:


Meh, guess I'll take the first easy/fun-ish looking thing that comes up on the list... Ooh! Extras on a movie! Paid to just walk around in the background of a shot! Sounds like my kind of job. :giggle1:

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Roys job seeking tips:-


1) Decide on your dream occupation


2) Decide on a part time/temporary job to keep you going in the meanwhile


3) Set your sights real low for aforementioned part time/temporary job


4) Be prepared to take a job even lower than your low


5) Keep telling yourself it's part time/temporary while you work on your dream occupation in your spare time


6) Have some kids


7) Increase the part time/temporary job hours to full time/permanent


7) Watch the kids grow up but keep telling yourself the dream occupation is within reach


8) Stop referring to yourself as an 'out of work(dream occupation)' and refer to yourself as '(current rubbish job)'


9) Get old


10) Die

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