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I pulled out my Kotor 2 for the first time in a while, installed it, but could not play. As soon as I click on the shortcut or the autorun.exe, a message pops up saying "The game does not seem to be properly installed. Please restore the installation or reinstall the game." I uninstalled and tried again with no success.


There are very few threads with this error and none were resolved (each time the OP never responded). But I quickly learned that Kotor 2 has an issue with Windows 7. So I followed the steps here to the letter twice - each time getting the same error.


I don't know how to proceed now. When I had Vista, this game installed fine with no errors (very weird considering all the issues I've read of) but now that I'm on 7, it doesn't appear to work. One thing I've noticed is that the swkotor2.exe is not in the root directory, and I cannot drag it from the CD. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Windows 7 64-bit

Core 2 Duo 2.53Ghz


ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3670

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