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FUII: Online Connection Failure


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When I bought this game about a month ago, I played it for about three hours. I thought it was a wee bit better than I expected from many of the reviews I had read. I tried logging in to something like the Training Room, I think, and may have mistyped my login info. Now, every time I start the game, the splash screen comes up like normal (after the stick figure throws the lightsaber then jumps over it), where it blinks "Press Enter."


When I do hit enter, it says: "Warning: Failed to Log In (Online Connection Failure). The only button to press is one that has the word "Confirm" on it. When I hit that, there are usually three slots that looked like save spots in the game and in the lower left I have the option to "New Game." When I do this, it crashes.


I have uninstalled, deleted everything in the Program Files, and reinstalled half a dozen times. I have tried starting in offline mode. I need help with this.

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