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[TSL] HK-51 as he appears in SWTOR

Sith Holocron

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It's nothing like the stock one. Even the bits of the vanilla model that were re-used got entirely new mapping.


DP_HK-47_Classic_UVs_TH.jpg DP_HK-50_UVs_TH.jpg


As to the software, it's one guy coding it, and it's a Java plugin for Photoshop. Hardly surprising it is buggy as hell. It ran a couple of months past the original beta period, then Xmas/New Year hit. Doesn't look like any miracles have happened in the last couple of weeks, so the wait continues. I've got plenty of other things to occupy myself with in the meantime. If people are that hard up for a new HK that they can't wait, they can always model their own or retexture the original.

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OK, due to various circumstances with work and other stuff, I haven't had the time or inclination to finish off the HK project as I had originally planned, so seeing as people keep hassling me about it, I'm releasing what I have as a modder's resource for others to continue with. If you use any of this content in a public release, please credit me.


Here are the files:


Edit: Depreciated. Check the mod on Nexus - http://www.nexusmods.com/kotor2/mods/52/


I'm not including any of my high poly texture bakes or meshes, because I may still choose to release my own finished mod/s in the future, not to mention that the maps and models combined are something in the order of 500MB or more. People wanting to make new textures from scratch can either generate their own or hand paint them.

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1) Thanks DarthParametric! I won't hold you to those high poly texture bakes or meshes until you're ready but if they come along later, I'll be glad to see those too!


2) The proverbial mic has been dropped, texture artists. Why not see what you can do with the materials DP has linked to above?

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You won't be able to do anything with .MAX files without Max, as it's a proprietary format. I can export some FBX versions that Blender can import if you just want the meshes for texturing, but you aren't going to be able to export any game versions without using the NWMax script in either Max or GMax. FBX versions won't be rigged, as Aurora uses its own weird Aurora Trimesh system, with meshes as bones, not a standard bone system.


Edit: OK, added FBX and ASCII MDL version links to the post on the previous page.

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OK, managed to get a couple of days to do a playthrough of TSL and test things out properly. I didn't find any problems specific to the mod, aside from the need for some texture tweaks, but I figured it was sufficient to cobble together a release - http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=220359


Edit: As per my post in that thread, I figured out the issue of the missing sounds. Unlike what I first thought, it may actually be NWMax at fault, not MDLOps.


Some sounds, like footsteps, have to be flagged as events that occur at a specified point during an animation. MDLOps does seem to read this information when decompiling. For example, the start of the walk cycle animation for HK, from the decompiled vanilla model:

newanim walk P_HK47
 length 1
 transtime 0.25
 animroot P_HK47
   0.200000002980232 snd_footstep
   0.699999988079071 snd_footstep
node dummy P_HK47

Note there the eventlist block, which calls out 2 footstep sound events. Now compare it to the equivalent section from the exported model:

newanim walk DP_HK47
 length 1.0
 transtime 0.25
 animroot P_HK47
node dummy DP_HK47

There is no eventlist block with the footstep sound events. They don't show up when inspecting the model base of a freshly decompiled vanilla model in Max, so I am guessing NWMax is either ignoring them or otherwise not applying them.


Other missing sound events: snd_hitground, draw_weapon, Hit.

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