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Simple Atton Romance


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So I know this has been requested probably a million times but I would love a simple Atton romance mod for the Female Exile, a line of dialogue that occurs right after the Exile wakes up after talking to Kreia/Jedi Masters in the rebuilt enclave on Dantooine and returns to the Ebon Hawk, the PC would go through the conversation with Atton: "KREIA IS EVIL!!?" and all that and when Atton says "That's what I was afraid you were going to say..." (about them going to telos) rather than a fade out the Exile would begin to walk away and stop, to which Atton would say "Somethin' Up?" and the Exile would say "I thought I lost you..." or something to that effect and they would confess to each other before the Exile went off to telos. I think this is a greatly needed mod (though very challenging) and I will take any emails about it, just PM me and I will tell you my email and we can discuss I will help in any way I can I am a very novice modder but I WILL try to help


Thanks for taking time to read this!!!

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