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Help make the Star Wars Expanded Universe an American treasure


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For those of you who want change please help us now in our time of need, sign this petition to get the Star Wars Expanded Universe made a national American treasure so greedy corporations cant change it or throw out whatever they want so as to make a profit off of it



I am not trying to spam nor am I promoting this for my own gain this is for all fans of the Expanded Universe

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If we can't even stop the original trilogy from getting changed constantly, what makes you think you can protect the expanded universe? It's not going to "go away" as if you can't buy it. I personally think it's a silly idea. I mean, I judge a piece of fiction, whether it's a game, movie, book, comic, etc. by how much I enjoy it, not by whether some group or individual (even the author himself) says it's "canon." I've learned to enjoy each piece for what it is (in many franchise) not based on how well it fits with hundreds of other pieces in the same franchise. Star Wars was a mess in terms of continuity a long time ago, in no small part thanks to Lucas himself. He cared (for awhile) with the licensed writers keeping the ancillary stories straight, but didn't care to keep his own straight and so on.


The only difference it could possibly make if they didn't "officially" write off the EU is that they might make some passing references to parts of it in the new movies (sort of like the few stray references in the SE's and Prequels that made no difference in the main story). But if they did (or didn't) what difference would that really make? They're not making a movie out of the EU. Anyway, I could go on and on, but it's just my opinion. If you disagree, please sign the petition, just don't get your hopes up... they'll just do whatever they think will make the most money.

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