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Star Wars Battlefront "Celebration" Mod


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Way back when, I created a little mod called "Main Play Mod". As time grew, it evolved, but eventually I discontinued it after burning out. Then last year, I picked up SWBF again and I figured "I can still mod this. But Main Play Mod was a mess, so I'll start over."


On and off since summer last year, I've been working on this mod. It was initially to be called "Expansion" but when EA announced the new game, I figured I'd retitle it "Celebration" - as a tribute to what would be 10 years of Battlefront.


You can find out more about the mod at the following pages:




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The mod has come a long way just in these past few weeks. It's set for a Q3/Q4 release and it's gone from being called "Celebration" to "Expansion" to "Anniversary" (a deadline I unfortunately missed) to "Expanded". I've started a Facebook page and also posted the SWBFGamers page above for anybody interested in taking a look. There's loads there between the two (I only started the Facebook page today so I'm the only 'like')

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