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JKA Unlocker SP! (Possibilities of codeing?)


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Hello everyone,


I've created my own JKA SP Unlocker

but at the actual state i need to unlock all force powers from the 3rd Level

(Jedi Training with Kyle and Rosh)

I've searched several times in the web, found many good hints

in your forum but i want to ask if it is possible to unlock them all without decompile the DLL files of JKA or the executable!?

I hope you can help me with some hints or some examples.

Or maybe some person can compile it back for me after changes!?


At the moment i've unlocked....


  • Saber Hilts, Styles, Colors, kicks
  • added new hilts from other authors (Credits will given)
  • throwable stuff
  • changed sounds and music of Menus
  • created missing files for MOTS_Mara from DF2 Mod e.g. shader and changes in aoe.tga
  • disabled ugly shield fields
  • added saber clash and effects combined with Dismember Mod and blood effects
  • disabled Force or/and Wpn selection screen



The Only modifcation who unlocks all force powers in SP

was KotF which he did in the 1st level.

The description of the JK Source Code is very bad in the www.

And most of the script Tutorials are deleted on FanSites.

Now i'm working on to disable force effects which can saw if you use some of powers.




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