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Whatch'all doing?


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Updates people! Where has everyone disappeared to and what real life happenstances seem to be keeping you all away? :confused:


I've found myself entranced by a variety of apps on my phone, resulting in a mysterious loss of hours in a blink of an eye... Maybe this should be in the time traveling thread lol. :rolleyes:

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Everyone else is hiding in fear.


Or apparently just hiding. :dozey:


Been trying to make a name for myself by landing a space shuttle on the beach.


Excuse denied. :dozey:


Eh, I'm here, lurking, as always.


Stop lurking! That's supposed to be my thing! :(

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Orange is the New Black was a tv series wasn't it?


In a totally unrelated note I'm severely pissed at the bloody mailing system here - why would something posted to Canada from the UK go through Chicago? :mad:


If they lost my present I'm seriously considering suing someone. :swear:

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Thanks for reminding me that The Last Airbender exists and there's even a film version of it, McCoy. One of the most unintentionally funny movie trailers I've ever seen. Just thinking about it has made me laugh!


"For a British audience, the film's language is inadvertently flavoured by associations and nuances that are vulgar, abusive, and very, very unfortunate indeed."



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