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Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Teaser Trailer 1


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That's it? Who is going to be excited all year because of this? Obviously there will be more complete trailers as we get closer to release...


While my expectations for new Star Wars products has been at an all time low for about a decade (and hence my desire to spend money on them), I will admit this trailer failed as a teaser for me. The whole point of a teaser trailer is to get one excited about a new film.


While I've seen that there are some reaction videos out there of people freaking out (some of which are obviously fake), I can't imagine this making many people excited who weren't already going to see this movie no matter what.


I do feel a desire welling up within me to avoid spoilers from here on out.

And to those who remember my, ahem, zealousness regarding spoilers during the prequel trilogy, don't worry, I won't have a hand in policing that for this new series. As long as there's a "spoiler free" forum I'll stick to that (if anything), otherwise I'll stay away until I've seen them.


So simply out of curiosity I'll probably watch the "full" official trailer, but that's the extent of it. I will catch it in theaters if the critical reviews are good, but I'm not expecting much. When I went to see Interstellar I stayed virtually spoiler free, heck I didn't even know who was in it until I overhead someone mention the names of the leads in a conversation a day or so before I saw it, and I saw the movie poster on my way into the theater. I think it enhanced my enjoyment of that movie not knowing much about it going in. I still have a soft spot for Star Wars, but too much disappointment over the years has made me a bit cynical and jaded. If it's good, it'll be refreshing to break through that shell, but Abrams and Disney have a tall order there.


Just going to say it here again for the record... Star Wars is not my religion. I freely admit George Lucas can do wrong with his own franchise and so can Disney and J.J. Abrams. That said, I wish them luck in creating a decent storyline, with likable characters and cool looking visuals to craft into a film series that will stand the test of time. That's what we all want, in the end, not just more filler material that happens to have some vague similarity to some movies we enjoyed three decades ago.




PS: This spoof I found quite amusing (family friendly):



And another one:


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I'm really not upset about the EU reboot. I've thought they should do that for years anyhow as they've basically contradicted it and made it clear that it was being made up as it went along and continuity didn't matter (kind of defeating the entire point of having a "canon" to begin with). Lucas himself set that precedent. It's not like you can't enjoy the old material just because some new product contradicted it or some stuffed shirt (even Lucas himself) said it "doesn't count" ("count" how? it's all pretend!).


If having a canon makes the story flow better and improves the entertainment value, I'm all for it, but Star Wars canon has utterly failed at that.


Let's face it, a lot of the EU stuff was lackluster. The only reason anyone cared about it was because we were told to like it, because it had the Star Wars branding on it. If it was just some generic scifi, would it really be that popular without all the hype?


Let's look at games and take the JK series for example. Did I get drawn to it because it had the Star Wars logo? Yes. But they were (for the most part) fun games. I enjoyed playing them. After awhile, it didn't matter if they were "Star Wars" or not. Other games came out with the same logos (and better graphics) and I didn't care, because most of them weren't nearly as fun to play. Those were some of the most fun games I'd ever played on the PC, not just out of one genre. I tried a lot of other Star Wars games, and many of them were like "Lego," just slapping a Star Wars coat of paint on an already popular type of game (often when that type of game was already getting stale). I don't blame them for taking this "low risk" approach to profit, but still.


I don't have high hopes that this trend won't continue. They'll crank out crap until it collapses in itself and start over again. The comics world does this sort of thing all the time. It's unnecessary, but it's their own fault (and I guess it's ours for pretending to care).


Still, whatever turns out to be good, has my attention. MTFBWY

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