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Display Character Model in Menu


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Hi everyone. I'm very new to coding for Jedi Academy, and I'm just trying to learn the basics of it all. I have some programming experience but I've never messed with JA's code before so I'm just figuring out how everything ticks.


Anyway, to start off I wanted to make it so that at the character select screen (not the character customization screen), the player can see the character model in a sort of preview pane, just like what the character customization screen does, but in this case its just displaying the model of whatever character you've chosen. Naturally, I just copied the code over from the character customization screen:

		//Character Model display
		name				character
		group				models
		type 				ITEM_TYPE_MODEL
		//rect				95 84 820 1000 
		rect				52 84 900 1000
		model_g2anim 		"BOTH_WALK1"
		asset_model			"ui_char_model"
		model_angle			180
		//mins maxs format is apparently z x y (hmmm... y x z?)
		//model_g2mins		-20 -15 -10
		//model_g2maxs		10 15 20
		model_g2mins		-10 -15 -10
		model_g2maxs		20 15 30
		model_rotation		50
		//model_fovx			75
		model_fovx			50
		//model_fovy			75
		model_fovy			50
		isCharacter			1
		visible			1


Now, its just sort of slapped haphazardly onto the menu screen with no effort put into making it look pretty (for now), but that's not my issue at the moment. See, my problem is that it shows a texture-less female Twi'lek at all times, instead of showing the character the player has selected.


I am almost certain that changing "ui_char_model" to something else will give me my desired result (although I could need to do more as well I'm sure), but I'm not sure what exactly I have to change it to, or what else I need to change to get the model to show up.


I'm new to all this and just trying to get my hands dirty to start learning. I will probably have a lot more questions in the future, but I'd like to play around with things before asking any more. Doesn't hurt to ask though, right?


Thanks in advance.

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