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Recommend a character build?


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I was wondering, if anyone could please recommend a character build for me, for KOTOR 1.


I tried to search for some builds, but I was having a lot of trouble finding anything.



Here are the things that I would like to accomplish with this character:


1.) Able to fully repair HK-47.

2.) Able to have a high persuasion.

3.) A Jedi Guardian weaponmaster light side, unsure on using 1 or 2 lightsabers or a double bladed lightsaber.


Also, do you recommend only leveling up to level 2 on Taris, and saving the rest for once I reach Dantooine, and become a Jedi?




Attribute wise, what is the best way to go for the following? And Scout/Soldier/Scoundrel to start?



Also, as a user who has the collector edition of KOTOR 1 and 2, using Windows 7, is there anything that you recommend installing to ensure a smooth experience?


I really appreciate everyone's time!

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for the Skills Repair, Select Scout. With my playstyle, LvL 8 is my goal for 3 reasons,

1) Superb Saving Throws


2) Implant lvl 3


3) Uncanny Dodge lvl 2


For RPing purposes only,


Name the reason why your character is aiming for a certain level up to lvl 8. Well Jedi Master Feat is at level 12, With Your character desires to be a Jedi Guardian, so he would stop at the lvl 8 at the highest.


Plan ahead with the class combination:


A flexible guide for you.


Soldier: Good Fighters, Good Tanking. Strength, Dexterity and Constution are important.

Jedi Guardian: Good Fighters, Good Tanking, Decent Force User, Force Jump. Like Soldier, Strength, Dexterity, and Constution are important.


Scouts: Good Skills, Good Saving Throws, Free Implant Feat Tree, Free Uncanny Dodge. Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom are important

Jedi Sentinel: Good Skills, Force Immunity Tree(able resist Mind Effecting abilities), Decent Fighter, Decent Force User. Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom are important.


Scoundrel: Great Skills, Sneak Attacks, Scoundrel's Luck ability. Dexterity, Intelligence and Charisma are important.

Jedi Consular: Decent Skills, Force Focus(Increase Diffculty Checks on Force abilities), Strong in the Force. Wisdom and Charisma are important for Jedi Consulars



No matter what, you can't go wrong.

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you are welcome. Also If you have Kotor Saved Game Editior, you can modify your build to be whatever you want.


For example, a more combat friendly Scoundrel/Jedi Sentinel with the KSE, you can make your character's Strength to near insane heights. Like having 98 Strength is what I do consider to be insanely high.

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I like the Scout/Sentinel combination because of the Scout's versatility and the Sentinel's immunities. I only level up to 4 as a Scout. That gives me two implant feats (and I can get the third later; it's not that important early on) and lets me have plenty of Jedi powers early in the game. This character is a fighter wielding a double-bladed lightsaber, so I prioritize maxing out Flurry, Two-Handed Weapons, and the Speed powers for defense and extra attacks.


My starting stats are, if I recall, 16 STR, 14 DEX, 10 CON, 12 (or 14) INT, 16 (or 14) WIS and 10 CHA. These are good stats for a melee character with decent dexterity defenses, a few skill points, and enough force points for buffing up and healing (not to mention stunning and what-not). Because I switch to the Jedi robes once I've maxed my Speed powers (usually), I dump my extra attribute points into dexterity every fourth level. There's plenty of +str equipment that I get in the game to make me a real melee powerhouse, including the Dominator Gauntlets and the CNS Strength Enhancer, so I don't need to waste my points on more strength!


I put my skill points into Repair and Treat Injury, 1 in Security to open most locks, a few in Awareness when I can spare them (up to 5+), and I try to save up around 8 skill points over the course of leveling from 2-4 in order to dump into Persuade right away when I become a Jedi (because it becomes a class skill). That's the trick to still having high Persuade as a Scout/Sentinel... you just won't have it on Taris (no big loss). You want a high Persuade early on as a Jedi for such quests as the Sandral/Matale Feud, to convince them to let their kids be together yada yada.


You may have trouble meleeing with this build near the end of the Taris quests, but you can use Bastila or Zaalbar as your focal melee character for a while and use your custom character as melee support.


This is a "light side" build though. For Dark Side you'd probably be better off with Scoundrel/Consular, with more like 10 STR, 14 DEX, 10 CON, 14 INT, 16 WIS, 16 CHA (if that's possible... close to that, at any rate).

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Here's my latest Scout/Sentinel build:


STR 15, because the Dominator Gauntlets are +5 which gives an even 20 (or +5). Add the CNS Strength Enhancer's +2 and you're talking a +6 Strength!


DEX 14, for a couple extra defense points. I'll raise this to at least 16 through attribute points every fourth level.


CON 10, don't worry too much about hitpoints (and I pick up Toughness anyway). Possibly raise later (after Dexterity).


INT 14, to max out Persuade (once I'm a Jedi), Repair, and Treat Injury; few points in Awareness, one point in Security, one point in Demolitions (so I can set them if in a tight spot) //EDIT: This gives enough to pick up another skill later on, like Demolitions or Computer


WIS 14, don't need much since I primarily only use Speed, Heal and stunning powers.


CHA 10, will already be maxing out Persuade and likely have the Affect Mind power.


Leveling my Scout to 5, which will give me an additional Feat early on in comparison to my previous build (at the cost of one Power; no big for me!).

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I'm normally a tanking kinda player. So I go for the soldier/guardian in most circumstances.


But there is a build I've always wanted to try in 1 or 2. A jedi blaster weilder. No lightsabers anywhere, just strait blaster pistols/rifle the entire game.

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I like scout/consular characters, usually stopping scout progression at level 4 or 7.


The feats I personally prefer to get are implant lv 3, master dueling, master critical, improved toughness, and improved flurry (because 1 more level of dueling is better than the step from imp to master flurry, and the purple looks better anyway :p).


Force powers usually master valor, master speed, heal, force storm, force wave (or only whirlwind if wanting a safe stun on Malak :D), if leveled up to consular early enough, force kill and force breach can be fun. :D


For the attributes, I go for low STR and CON and prefer DEX, INT (RP purposes and helps with HK), WIS and CHA high. For example starting with 10/14/10/14/15/14, stacking 4 of the 5 attribute points one gets into WIS and one into CHA, with full LS mastery and all WIS items + master valor, you get massive dc and have an easy time force-killing even Malak. :D (5 (base) + 20 (level) + 12 (wis dc) + 6 (cha dc) + 4 (master focus) = 47, quite a force god. :p) I usually tend to go somewhere between RPing at the start and number crunching at the end. :D

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