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One Request and One Question

Christos K

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I had a request. I'm not sure how feasible it is but it is in regards to the final boss fight with Malak in KotOR.


I hoping a mod could be made where instead of having to chase Malak around the room, while he goes draining the captured Jedi it could instead work like this.


- You and Malak converse then engage as vanilla KotOR would.

- You bring Malak down to his min amount of health, you converse again but this time instead of Malak using Drain on only one Jedi he uses Death Field on all the captured Jedi in the room.

- You engage Malak again in a longer and more dangerous fight until you defeat him and the game continues as vanilla KotOR would with the ending dialogue between the PC and Malak so on and so forth.


I know that you can instead run around the room and drain or release the Jedi yourself in order to save time but I find this extremely anti-climatic and tedious.


The two most powerful characters in the story shouldn't need to do that in my opinion.


I was thinking if it was possible he could match the PC in stats but I think that was a mechanic introduced in TSL.



NOW onto my question... This my be a "touchy" one and I'm only asking it in the theoretical sense. Hell for all I know someone has done it but of course not released it for obvious reasons.


It should be possible to transfer all of KotOR's modules, characters, scripts, etc over to TSL so that you can essentially play KotOR using TSL's engine? I understand that this is porting and hence why I am only asking about it theoretically. I have neither the time or the modding experience to do it myself.


And finally would it still be considered porting if someone made this in a way that it required the user to have both KotOR and TSL installed on their computer and that it would transfer files FROM KotOR over to TSL? I know similar mods for this game and other games have worked off of this method in the past to avoid trouble.

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I'm pretty sure it would still be porting, as well as illegal I think. I was asking about making dantooine into kotors version for talks so that the battle with the meets could have two bases and a final stand on either side, someone said no and I thought it was for that reason. Also I would Enjoy him killing everyone in the room, he betrayed his master and as stated by g0t0 he lacks the finese of revan

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