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Need help in the Dantooine Ruins


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Hello, all. I am stuck in the Rakatan Ruins on Dantooine. I have beaten both guardian droids, but when I go to the ancient terminals, I am not given the option to insert my datapad to transcribe the language into one I can understand. I understand this is necessary to continue, so I'm wondering if I've missed something I was supposed to pick up?

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You have to try talking to them first.

Then insert datapad.

Talk again.

Remove datapad.

Answer questions.


I'm surprised you beat the droids first. The terminals disable their shields, making them easier to kill.

However I'm not sure if the terminals are necessary to unseal the sealed door... so this is a good time

for you to find out if the door is already unsealed! If not, do the steps I said above for both terminals.

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