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The One Year Thread 2015: The Forum Awakens

Keyan Farlander

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Okay, here's the TFA 'resistance X-wing' in its new home.




It's in the 1/144 scale cabinet. All the non Star Wars stuff mixed in is there because it all happens to be more or less the same scale...




A close up shot. The detail is pretty good compared to earlier die-cast releases. The guns were usually made of a super soft plastic that always drooped and was difficult to keep straight; safety, I imagine. Can't let little kids poke their eyes out with laser guns.




Rear view. Note how the wings each split into two when the S-foils open, whereas the old X-wings had two complete wings on each side. Also, the engine intakes are redesigned. I wonder how it handles... :)

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They've effectively cut the stabilizer surface area in half. In atmosphere, they will be faster because of that...and splitting them fore and aft like that will create a differential in airflow that should make them 'tippy' (for lack of a better word.)


No difference in lift, since they are (of course) just stabilizers lacking proper wing geometry.

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Decent start to league...I have a full team of five, have averaged 180 for the first two weeks, and won as many points as lost through two weeks. I might be in a Sunday night league this year, too.




^ Disney is re-releasing the original cuts of the OT...yes, the one where Han shoots first. :)

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(Human foosball...?)


Yeah, it's basically soccer played in a big inflatable thing, and the two teams are tethered to the sides and to each other with bungee cords so they can't move very far. I was the goalie, and I lead my team to a sold 2-1 defeat :indif:


Congratulations, Keyan, and tell your team they get their 'hill taker' badge for contributing robustly to the bounty of American commerce. :D


Thanks. 'Mer'ca!


Don't eat crabs, though. :indif: If you wouldn't want them in your pants, why on earth would you put them in your mouth?


Jokes like that would get you killed here by the Chesapeake Bay. Your body would be found floating in the water, Old Bay spice stuffed into all your orifices.

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Well, obviously I'm here to sell PIZZA.




$7.99 for a half ten inch, $10.99 for a full. Choices are limited (so the waitresses don't go crazy) to meat-lover's (pictured above,) Hawaiian, vegetarian or the Italian special.


:max: Includes soup or salad.


On the matter of shellfish. I'm not fooled for one minute...those are clearly giant bugs that live in the water. 'Shell fish' my fuzzy white ass--call them water bugs! They have exoskeletons, many legs and nasty little mouth parts just like the insects they are. So, if you have an aversion to eating insects (like most sensible western civilized humans) then you should also, logically, avoid lobster and its ilk. I will only eat animals that have a backbone.


However, if you must eat water bugs...try my Cajun shrimp fettuccini.

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Why would they go crazy? Isn't their entire job to write down my choices?


Well, just imagine showing up to work and going to write down what the dinner special will be off of the dry erase board...and finding it filled with a list of twenty or thirty topping choices, along with everything one needs to know about the pizza.


:dozey: I don't want to find my tires slashed when I go home.

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I will get on that! By God, I will not rest until I can get a pizza anyway I want it at this place that is thousands of miles away from me that I will never go to!


You know, we should all organize and make a trip to Zoomies restaurant.


And order pizza. :eek:


Then complain when the pizza isn't made the way we wanted it. :thmbup1:


Though, I'm pretty sure he keeps a sword back there. :ohdear:

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Actually, Keyan, I did have your contingency planned for. I wrote 'Additional toppings $1.50' on the special board, and told the waitresses that if the customers wanted to read the entire menu and see what we had, I could put it on their pizza. Horseradish? Peanuts? It's all yours for a buck-fitty more...


You guys are all totally invited to Debby's Diner. Most of our clientele are on the older side, so you guys would definitely lower the average age in the crowd.


No sword. :dozey: There is a 'scimitar,' which isn't really a scimitar but just a 12" curved knife used to cut steaks.

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46 hours by car... but "this route has tolls"... so F that! :mad:


It's only 960 hours by foot, not counting sleep. I think I'll do that instead. It will give me time to work up a proper appetite.


What are the specials you will be running come mid-November?

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