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JK and MotS on Windows 10


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I got the technical preview on Win10 2 months ago I think and I have been trying to get JK to work on it.


I used the JK patch from todoa I think it was from which enables 32 bit and it works in full screen and everything except the HUD, crosshair, and map flicker like crazy... see the screen shots









This is a Dell Optiplex 760

Core 2 Duo 3.33 GHz

4 GB of Ram

Windows 10 Technical Preview (latest version) 64 Bit

Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT


I made a jkhub post



Not much more there just 2 or 3 posts.


Any ideas or suggestions?


Does a ddraw wrapper need to be created for JK and MotS?


Also note that MotS does not have a 32 bit patch... yet.


Also want to add that JK and MotS will not work with an AMD graphics card past version 13.1 on Windows 7 not sure about Windows 10. Not an issue for me since all my PCs have Nvidia cards but a few people in the community use AMD cards.

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