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A party console request


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I would like to have a console on the ebon hawk in kotor 2 which allows me to switch out party members. so possibly the one in the security area. Here is how I think it would work or at least an example of how it might work in its simplest format.


You access the security console next to the cockpit and star map console. the console opens up a normal computer screen hud from the game with the following options:

*1)Add party member

2)remove party member

3)track/untrack influences on characters

4)exit console


*Say for slot 1-9 after the add, (if you have an open slot) you would have the slots available to visas, kreia, hand-maiden/disciple, hanhar/mira, atton, t3-m4, mandalore, hk 47, bao dur, and goto.


1)so add would not be accessible or say error if all slots were closed and allotted to other characters (so error All slot are currently taken)


2)Remove would allow you to remove a character from the party selection screen, but allow them to remain on the ebon hawk fr there stories and quest lines. (Remove would bring up a screen with all current party selectable people as cited above and or give you the options of the closed slots allotted people or just the slot names)


3) have the game track all influences as a seperate number assigned to every character to possibly allow for influence still to be gained by party members?




Anyways a while ago i heard both-games had a hard-coded amount of party members and was trying to think of a solution to the issue, I don't know if this would work, But if it would I'd love to see it tried at least.


If someone already tried this or if the characters are assigned a certain designation that makes it extremely difficult to do this in game, could some one tell me so i dont have to think about it any more. thank you for your time and hopefully a mod that allows me to have hanharr and mira and desciple and handmaiden but no kreia or goto.

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I'm pretty sure this can be done, to an extent. Influence is tracked through the npc number in npc.2da, where the slots are 0-11. It's also a constant, rather than a global, which means in order to change slots but keep track of influence, one would have to add the globals and rescript practically the whole game.


Now I'm with you as far as replacing G0-T0 with Handmaiden/Disciple, but having both Hanharr and Mira just doesn't work well for the game. You'd probably have to make do with one or the other. However, I'm pretty sure I remember seeing a script in the game files that assigns the companions to 1 of the 10 party table slots, it would just be a matter of finding it again.


Here's what I suggest (I'm pretty sure I can do this):

I can either make it so you can swap back and forth between Handmaiden/Disciple, or I can make it so one of them takes the place of G0T0, and when you "recruit" G0T0, have it so he's on the ship but not an available party member.


I think I'll try both anyway so people can choose their preferred solution.

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