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Guide for all new Players:


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May this serve as a guide to new players, to find where to find the general community, what to do after downloading the game, and a few common tips and pieces of advice.



Ah, hello their my friend. Welcome to the game Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. It is a rather unique game that is still under active community development.

The main game is called Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. What you have downloaded is at bare minimum, bare bones. After ten years of this game being out, the community surrounding Jedi Academy has continued to develop the game. With the source code being released as of a few years ago, many professional coders took it upon themselves to fix this games bugs, server crashing exploits, and loopholes. To bring forth greater stability and performance. Many others have created modifications to increase your options and expand the scope of the game, while still others have developed cosmetic mods that lie in the way of models, skins, start up screens, music, and the like.



Now, you most likely at the time of this being posted got the game off of Steam, naturally. But more likely as of right now, the Humble Bundle sale going on right now. You may be interested in how to make this game look like a modern game, where can I go to learn how to play the game, where can I go to socialize, to get technical support, or the like. Well, I am here to answer your questions.



-This is the main site of the Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy community, which will from now on be referred to as JKA. Modifications are posted to the game at a nearly daily pace. Here you will find every Modification you will ever want. You will also find technical support here, more than you will ever find with Lucasarts or with Steam. The people here are actively developing the game! Now, this is where you would want to signup and hangout the most. Now, this is the place that you want to go to for all your technical needs, for most of your social needs, and prettymuch everything :p -They are the hub of the JKA community. They also offer numerous services, from free professional webhosting for Jedi Academy(Clans or individual modders, activity required), to a quicker way to connect to servers, and even tutorials. If you want to learn how to code, mod, or anything else, this is also the place to go to. Its the central hub, naturally.



-I may be slightly biased here, but this is currently the only active community based around education, using Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy as a simulator for the martial arts. I personally highly suggest this place as your second stop.



-A bit deadish, but the communities founder is still around. Go here, get the demos off of Jkhub, if you want to learn how to play the game to maximum effect. Here and the School of War are a bit on different ends of the spectrum, but one is active, one is not, and so on and so forth.


*Misc Clans -Go to JKHUB, to the top of screen, and hover your mouse over the GROUPS. Then look at them. Quite a few clans to be honest, popular ones are JAWA(Social clan, very friendly), KR(Somewhat of a community hub), and a few others. Feel free to explore! That is your right, and it will help you quite a bit.



Well, we only have one actually active one. That is the European Sports League.



They just transitioned the system over. New forums, new system. Besides that for straight competitive, we have a another JKA league that is just starting out, more based in the Americas, at http://jkleague.com/. Besides that, not much else at this point in time.



-This deserves a mention. Movie Battles 2 is essentially a full conversion for JKA. Think of it as a conversion into a team based game. Think like Battlefront.





Now since I have given you the major links for the community and or Education, and you will naturally be quite easily able to find the major clans on your own, we will go onto the next step. I just bought the game, and I have this information, but what should I exactly do?


The first thing would be to get OpenJKA. Essentially when you get a game, you patch it to its latest version. What you are doing with this is the same thing. You always run a server with OpenJKa, and always client side as well. You don't have to, but your missing out on performance and bugfixes, especially for single player.



Simply scroll down to the buildbot and grab the latest version for your system. Mac, Linux, and windows are all supported natively. After that, find your Steam-GameData folder for JKA. It will be above the base folder, and have such things such as Jamp.exe. Copy and past all the files from your build their, and then get on going. Use the OpenJK exe to launch the game, and you are all set! Any issues, run as administrator. Anything else, head over to JkHub and post in the technical support forums.


Now, you may be asking the next question. Mods, what should I get? Generally, we have a lot of choices. The popular mod which is quite, universal is the JA++ mod. You can find that at:




Install instructions their. Now, after that, you may be asking, is their anything else? Well, you can grab the HD Textures pack at:




Feel free to explore.The Moddb link has a additional texture pack to download. Once you hit that, you'll most likely see other Mods. From here on out its exploration. You got OpenJKA, JA++ if you choose that, the game installed, and links to all the places you need to go.



Now, if your a bit interested in some of the higher end graphics of the game, here you go:





These maps below are using the new JKA Graphics Renderer(Think of new Graphics), which should be somewhat done by next December. Its coming. Lots of new stuff. Community support, new stuff every day.


Now, if you have any questions or comments, you can head over to the JkHub and post their, unless you really want to post in this thread. In that case, I will respond, or other people.



---Enjoy Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, and have a fun experience. You will meet interesting people, and you will enjoy yourself.

-Advice: Avoid the Single Player, unless you get a new SP Mod and play that. Plenty abound. For any and all other mods, search the JkHub. It has tons of them to satisfy everything. Even Darth Revan :p

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Hello everyone!


I dont really know where I should ask this question, but I joined here and thought I would give it a try.


We are two indie game devs that always wanted to make a fan game set in the Star Wars universe, but we dont know if it is legal to do so. So im just asking around, hoping someone can help

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