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To be clear this is a COMMUNITY SITE for multiple moddable games..for EVERYONE...it is not a personal site


In my attempt to revolutionize the modding community and bring more moddable games to pc i created this site. It started as an idea in my head that i decided to try and id like people to join and try it out for me...ITS FREE


The site is called MODPICZ....think of it as a modders portfolio site in which people can showcase there mod projects through pictures.


The site is pretty straight forward as to what its for....Test it out let me know what you like and whats not... if there any issues...im looking to improve and make changes when necessary...


Other additions












Leave feed back in this thread after you visited the site





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Is this going to be for multiple games? What is the purpose? Images? Social interaction?


Yes its going to be for multiple moddable games...the purpose of the site is to showcase the mods your working on in picture form. Yes just images....it is not a file hosting platform. Social interaction has been implemented into it...


Key Points:


Upload pictures of the mods your working on.


Social interaction with other modders.



Im working on two more communities as to which then i can better describe the differences

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So a sort of professional showcase portfolio, then? For prospective producers, companies, individuals to see?


Well that could be one perspective of it.....but no one should feel they have to be a professional..... this site should be a fun way to visually display what your modding...or worked on like a photo site except for games only

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