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High Quality Ravager Backdrop


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You probably all know the incredibly bad texture Obsidian used for the Ravager and the Sith Fighters in the background during the later parts of the game. If you don't, just imagine a blurry ship and blurry pixel spots that are supposed to be fighters.

So, I decided to do something about that and made a bigger texture to replace this one:




A big thanks goes to Jeroenimo who made the models I used to create the texture. You can check out his Empire at War mods over on moddb: http://www.moddb.com/members/jeroenimo And another big thank you to Malkior, who made the additional damage detail for version 2.


That being said, I hope you like it and here are the download links:


Deadly Stream

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As suggested over on Deadly Stream, I remade the texture to show more of the heavy damage the Ravager has taken. That took quite a while, but today I finally uploaded version 2.

A big thanks to Malkior who created all the new damage details :)

I highly recommend to redownload the texture for a more consistent experience.

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