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An Impressive First Look At Star Wars: Battlefront


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I then asked Ingvarsdottir if DICE had any modes that were reflective of Free Radical's vision for its canceled Battlefront project, which would have allowed a battle to start on a planet's surface and transition to space combat. "In our game, we want to bring the fantasy of dogfighting to players. We bring you the X-Wing, and we bring you the TIE Fighter, and other air vehicles that you want to fly in and experience, but we keep them on the planet's surface." This means that dogfighting is contained within a planet's atmosphere. To clarify even further, you won't be able to run around on the ground, hop into an X-Wing, take flight, and soar off into outer space. There are no space battles in this Battlefront game.





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It has less features/content than the first Battlefront.


A shame, considering what was being done by Free Radical...


Yeach. It sounds like it's going to just be the Galactic Civil War, when the first two also gave us the Clone Wars. I'd have hope this Battlefront would have both plus whatever the Sequel Trilogy's main conflict is called.

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