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Teaser Trailer 2 (Star Wars Episode VII, the Force Awakens)


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I'm surprised this hasn't been posted already, but it should be old news to many already. The second official "teaser trailer" for the upcoming Star Wars sequel to kick off the new trilogy has been released. It appeared on the Star Wars youtube channel Thursday.


Here's a



Beware, contains spoilers.


While I'm not super hyped for this new trilogy, I will probably bow out of future discussions of the movies just to keep away from spoilers. I feel like I pretty much know how these are going to go already, but still.

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Now, some editorial commentary from yours truly, and hopefully not much fanboy whining. ;) I'll assume you've watched the trailer above, but no other spoilers (and I'm avoiding them from now on so I won't add any unnecessarily).


Anybody else get a strong "Fan Film" vibe from this trailer? Honestly maybe it's because I'm burned out on the franchise, and have seen way too many game cutscenes and fan films that this honestly reminds me of something some conventioners would put together. Granted it looks relatively slick, but still nothing a group of amateurs couldn't do what with computer technology being what it is these days. That said, I wouldn't mind if it has the look of a "low budget" sci fi movie. Star Wars has a big "feel" to it, but in the end it's a small story about some likable characters doing big things in unusual circumstances and that's where it most shines.



My general thoughts on it are that I'm still a bit underwhelmed. While the first teaser did NOTHING to get me excited about this, this at least gives me an idea of what kind of movie to expect December 18th (or whenever... btw, what's up with that? A lot of sites seem to be reporting it as a "limited release" on that date, presumably then by Christmas it will be out in Wide release?)...


This to me doesn't look like it's really going to be some kind of mythical "next installment in the Star Wars saga." This is going to be a lot more like a "Star Trek Generations" passing of the torch style movie, I predict. It has a lot of vibes similar to the JJ Abrams Star Trek movie when it first came out... basically a big, slick "nostalgia trip" tribute to the original Trilogy with today's technology and some fresh faced young actors.


While I'm glad that it will probably have "something for everyone" (drawing in new people and appeasing old fans), I don't anticipate that it will be somehow "better" than the old movies, nor that it will "erase" any of the disappointment of the ambitious prequels.


Hopefully it will be more like "Abrams Trek" (minus the lens flares) and less like "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." Theoretically they could keep making "these movies 'till the end of time" as the Weird Al song goes. But will they be good movies that we remember long after the hype machine dies down?


A much more nostalgic way to celebrate Star Wars for me would simply to see the original (non-special edition) Trilogy again in theaters. That would be a nice draw for fans if anyone up there is listening.


There are two more movies to go, so this one really has to draw us in to make us want to see the other two. The Star Trek Into Darkness sequel really didn't do much for me, so if that's the route they're going, they're in serious trouble. This needs to be well planned out in tight story arc. After all, can they really stretch the nostalgia to three full length films over the course of 3-4 years? So much ground has been covered already, covering it again will surely have diminishing returns.


I don't watch cable tv and thankfully I've got other things to worry about these days than forum moderation, so remaining spoiler free will be a lot easier this time around than it was for the prequel trilogy.




I even saw they were making another Star Wars Battlefront game to tie in (and I'd be shocked if they didn't repackage some more DVDs to coincide with the release). The game is supposed to be a "reboot" but I don't remember that series having much of a story to begin with. The graphics look good, but anymore these games all seem about the same with similar looking graphics and gameplay, just available on the newest console. I love Star Wars, but is anyone else getting tired of playing the same four or five battle scenarios over and over again on new platforms? Some of these newer games look great in action, but I always wonder about the amount of control we'll be given. Too many next-gen games seem overrun with QTE sequences and really cramped maps. If they can preserve decent gameplay, then that's what it's about. Again, keep it simple, just like with the movie. If the core is good, the window-dressing won't matter that much except as a hook for new fans.



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I guess this means we'll eventually get a "Lego Star Wars IV: The Sequel Trilogy" and the "More Than Complete Lego Star Wars Saga" and a new MMORPG (or expansion to an existing one... maybe "Star Wars the New Republic?), more novels, comics, etc.


Let's hope, for their sake, that it's good enough for us to care! That reminds me, how about a new JK game, and on the PC? (I know, I'm dreaming...)

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