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Glitch pertaining to Atton and Energy shields


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A couple items before I begin:


  1. If this is the wrong place, I apologize. In that situation I'd ask a moderator to relocate it to the correct location.
  2. I tried to take a screen shot but I was unsuccessful...

The basic description of this issue, which is minor, and not game breaking is as follows:


Whenever I activate an energy shield equipped to Atton, his character model glitches so that it 'glides' rather than 'walks'. the overlay of the shield 'glow' doesn't fit well over him - the glow appears to walk as it should. Atton's character model also seems to break apart, in tune with his 'breathing'. It doesn't happen to the Exile, and I haven't tested it on Kreia, because I hardly use her anyway.


I have the following modifications installed (although I doubt it is caused by a mod, I am including this list because I suspect I'll be asked if I have mods installed):

  • Ultimate Saber Mod
  • Remote Tells Influence
  • TSL Uniforms
  • Invisible Headgear
  • M-6 Carnifex - TSL Edition
  • TSL Hak Pad
  • RedHawke's Correction Armband


I also have a modification (name escapes me) that adds a Force Power called "Lightsaber Floating (Superior Weapon Focus: Lightsaber I, II, III," although I have never selected it and don't know how to get rid of it)


I can, upon request, copy my override folder to a .rar archive and upload it to Dropbox or some other file sharing entity.



EDIT: After a test, I have found that the energy shield displays correctly on Kreia.

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