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What ship would you like to go through the galaxy on?

What ship would you like to go through the galaxy on?  

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  1. 1. What ship would you like to go through the galaxy on?

    • Starscape Class Yacht
    • Ebon Hawk
    • Millennium Falcon
    • Venator Class
    • Mon Calamari Cruiser
    • Other

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Please pick and tell me which one you'd choose and why. If none of the above, pick other and tell me. Hell, tell me about you in this as well if you want and what crew that you'd take on the ship, taking in to account the size of the ship, of course. The crew can be from any era, so pick your dream team crew from throughout the Star Wars Universe. This can include the ships like the Eagle from the Jedi Masters Mod, but I didn't want to include mod only ships.



Name: Wedge Suron

Title: Jedi Master

Class: Jedi Guardian turned Jedi Master

Mission: Protect the ideals of the Republic, if not the Republic itself.

Preference of style in Combat: A Healthy mix of Lightsaber Combat and Force powers. With both constantly being strengthened through constant training.

Combat Mentality: Take down and disable the opponent as quickly as possible, but if necessary, cut loose in a long slugging match until the opponent is dead.

Preferred Lightsaber Style: Form V Shien/Djem-So

Note: Think less Anakin Skywalker and more suited Darth Vader -because their fighting styles are very different.-


Other Combat Styles Mixed in:

Teras Kasi -for Hand to Hand Combat-

Shii-Cho -for multiple opponents-

Makashi -for a more refined skill set.-

Soresu -for increased endurance.-

Ataru -for using the whole body as a weapon and to counter the style of other Ataru users-

Niman -for incorporating Force powers in to his duels.-

Full Soldier's training -it helps him be more combat efficient.-

Morgukai Training Techniques -To increase his ability to kill enemy Sith.-



Hilt: Curved

Crystal: Blue

Reason for a curved Hilt: Because, it works just as well for Power Attacks as it does for Makashi.


Other Equipment:

Full set of Jedi Armoured Robes.


What ship would I be on board?

The Visionary AKA Goto's Yacht AKA a Starscape-class Yacht. But more combat orientated.


Why? Because it's so freaking huge inside! I could get an army on board that thing and still have room to spare. -as seen in The Jedi Masters Mod, which uses the inside of Goto's Yacht for the Eagle.-


Other ships:

G-Wing Class Shuttle -as seen in The Jedi Masters Mod. As it's so big, this serves as the transport down to planets or on to stations.-



Command Crew:

Number of Crew: 75

Ship's Commanding Officer: Jedi Master Wedge Suron

Ship's Executive Officer and Wedge Suron's Former Jedi Master: Plo Koon

Pilot: Commander Carth Onasi

Co-Pilot: Jedi Atton Rand -just given him the Rank Jedi, because he's never really given a Jedi Rank.-

Engineer -like the Eagle, using the conference room that the Exile is held in as the Engine Room.-: Jedi Bao-Dur -he's a mechanic, I can't think of anyone else.-

Leader of the Mandalorian Squad: Captain Bo Katan -from Death Watch. Instead of being renegades, they're allied to the Jedi in this.-



Engineering Droid: T3-M4 -I don't CARE about his fate. I miss the little droid, so he doesn't die.-


Rest of the Crew:

Squad of Mandalorian Death Watch Soldiers



12 Dual Turbolaser cannons -Spread around the ship, covering all angles.-


Other Systems:

Stygium Based Cloaking Device

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I should amend my answer. Obviously, no one is navigating an entire galaxy in a sub-light viper mark II starfighter...




This is my cargo freighter, equipped with jump drive and provisioned for a lengthy space voyage. Note the 'fighting rabbit' emblem on the topside compartment. Her name is 'De Cumbe' (the earliest known spelling of my family name) and the viper rides on one of the auxiliary cargo racks.

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