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Which Sith would you like to learn under?

What Sith Master Would you learn under?  

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  1. 1. What Sith Master Would you learn under?

    • Darth Sidious/Sheev Palpatine
    • Darth Malak
    • Darth Sion
    • Darth Traya
    • Darth Baras
    • Other (Say who, below.)

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I would be the self taught Sith master arising on some backward planet visited by no one, raising his own Force powers from the living biosphere and feeding the rage by connecting to the fire of a thousand suns.


I would invent my own lightsaber, using a vacuum cleaner and atomic welding torch, having not seen a real one before.

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So are we considering Sith Lords based on their life story, or their Force skills? Not sure if either approach will work.


Every student has different needs and abilities, which means that the teacher wil not be able to teach them exactly what is in their head. For example, you might have lived a similar life and have compatible philosophy, but that won't necessarily translate into equal fighting skills. Or, you might be able to master their lightsaber technique...but not understand their mental discipline.


Matching the two requires the input of a third party with an experienced point of view, who can see what the teaching of one will contribute to the other. Of course, Sith don't have such a hierarchy as the Jedi, but ideally that would be best.


Off topic but, wow, I just noticed your join date. That's a long time ago.


I'm old. Oh, so very old...


*(Takes nap.)*

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