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Believe it or not, the siege gametype in JKA is not dead.


A small community of players still play almost every day in competitive matches.


You can visit us on http://jkasiege.com/


We do pickup games a few times a week on a locked server. Most of the people still playing are better than your average Padawan, and the games tend to be quite competitive.


That said, we're always willing to train new people to play. After over a decade of playing siege, we know ins and outs of the gametype that will boggle your mind.


You can also add me on steam if you want to be invited to games, my username is MagykHiryu. :thmbup1:

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Great to here. I wish I could still maintain my own Siege server, but it seems all contact with my former sponsor has been lost (new management?). I have seen some new siege tactics and such, but some of it seems to just be exploiting game glitches to make it unfair, is there something else here you had in mind?


The main problem I have with Siege these days is no decent new maps. Back in the day it seemed like everyone who wanted to make something new was putting their time into "Movie Battles" instead.


I'm curious why the server needs to be "locked" if so few people are playing these days. Whom are you trying to keep out?



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Hi, Kurgan!


I'm assuming you're the Kurgan of Meatgrinder fame? I used to put in some solid hours on your server back in the day.


The reason we "lock" the server is honestly to keep out the riff-raff. We have no problems teaching newbies how to play, but we don't need anyone jumping into the server and laming objectives or anything like that. We also play with even teams, always. So 3v3 or 5v5, or whatever numbers permit. Random players jumping into game would mess that up. As I mentioned earlier, we play pretty serious games.


Also, we play custom maps - including new ones, like Nar Shadaa, Byss, Siege Castle, Imperial Base, Project Digimon - as well as classics like Cargo Barge and Silly Room. (And of course, we play Hoth, Desert, and occasionally Korriban when the mood strikes us.)

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It's me. ;) Thanks for your support. If it was up to me, it'd still be running as we speak. I had some major frustration with the seeming lack of solid user-created Siege maps. Whenever I tried hosting them, nobody would join because I guess they got annoyed having to auto-download. The moviebattles thing is another story, those people apparently were happy to download multiple gigs of files and play together.


It's been awhile, but out of curiosity (and to help educate the rest of us who might want to improve conditions), how do you "lame" objectives in Siege these days? The worst examples I ever saw were all fixed in OJP Basic, which didn't require an extra download from joiners, so it generally fixed things for me.


I suppose somebody could grab a holdable object and "hide" somewhere, but there aren't many places to hide on the base maps that I can recall (ie: standing on the pillars in the center of Korriban, which is in open view to everyone). An admin or votekick needs to be present in those cases. It is annoying when someone even attempts it though...


As for custom maps, I can see the issue there if there are more exploitable things like that.

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Off the top of my head for basemaps, ways to lame/break the game:



Sit in ATST, avoid being killed.

Can retract the bridge if you cross it too early, making it impossible to get ATST across.

Grab codes, hide.

On defense you can run to the CC, plant mines, join spectate and the resulting detonation ends the game.



Grab droid part, hide.

Capture two droid parts at once, the game only registers one - making the game technically "unwinnable."



Grab the crystals, hide.

Grab the scepter, hide.

As defense, plant mines on any of the breakable objects, join spec, resulting detonation opens them.



You should definitely get in touch with me by adding me on steam, or jumping over to jkasiege.com and registering. You'll probably see more than a few names you remember, at the very least - and I think you'd be pleasantly surprised by how fun the organized games we run are.

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