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Talk about your characters [SPOILERS]

Griffin Raynor

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Major game spoilers involved in the making of this post!





Here's the place to talk about your KotOR characters, aka your Revans.


Whether you just threw some stuff together to play the game or you know them better than you know yourself, give us the deats.




*Real Name:

*Post Mind-Wipe Name:


Age (during game):


Alignment Pre-reveal:

Jedi Class:

Romance (doesn't have to be canon):

Ultimate Alignment:

Other Info:


Here's mine:


Real Name: Revanna Lin

Post Mind-Wipe Name: Merith Concort

Gender: Female

Age: mid 30s

Class: Scoundrel (smuggler)

Alignment Pre-reveal: Mostly neutral, but forced to work with the Rep.

Jedi Class: Guardian

Romance: Carth Onasi

Ultimate Alignment: Grey-Jedi (slightly pro-Republic)

Other Info: I always ditch my blue lightsaber right away for red and purple ones. My Revan doesn't feel like Revan w/o red and purple lightsabers.

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Birth name: Zerimar Nyliram

Post Mind-Wipe Name: Geonus Kaikun

Gender: Male

Age (during game): 31

Class: Soldier

Alignment Pre-reveal: Both (I always do a double-play.)

Jedi Class: Consular

Romance: Bastila Shan

Ultimate Alignment: Both (See above.)

Other Info: I use a purple lightsaber right away (I have a mod that lets you choose the color) and dawn a brown Jedi Master robe. I use/wear these items all (regardless of alignment) all the way up until Korriban, at which point I switch the purple saber for a red one and the Jedi Master robe for a Dark Jedi Master robe (even when playing the light side, figuring my character is an incognito Sith student trying to be as inconspicuous as possible). I always travel to Korriban last, so the "big bad reveal" always occurs just before. When playing the dark side, after Korriban, I continue to wear the Dark Jedi Master robe and wield the red lightsaber, but I add my original purple saber to the other hand once I travel to Lehon, and then dawn the Darth Revan robes (not the ones that come with the game, but the full Revan outfit complete with a mask, by means of a mod) on the Star Forge. When playing the light side, after Korriban, I put back on the brown Jedi Master robe and wield the purple and green lightsabers (because, canonically, Revan wields a purple saber in KOTOR 2 and TOR and a green one in the Revan novel). My character has Revan's canonical face, made possible by a talented modder who created a reskin.

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Ooh, if I ever play PC I'll have to get that purple lightsaber mod. Maybe the Revan robes mod, just for the heck of it.


I also go to Korriban last, for story reasons. I think it's a lot of fun to imagine Merith squirming around the Sith planet, filled with guilt and trying to balance between doing what she needs to to pass as an initiate but not harm her conscience or lose Carth (I always play light side, for reasons I stated in the relevant thread).


(I'm also a ficcer, if you couldn't tell.)

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*Real Name: Revan

*Post Mind-Wipe Name: [whatever the random name generator comes up with]

*Gender: Male

Age (during game): Late 20's to early 30's

*Class: Typically soldier

Alignment Pre-reveal: Neutral, pro-republic (they made my personality to be pro-republic)

Jedi Class: Typically a Guardian, with a high wisdom stat and the ability to throw lightning around, influence the minds of others, and some other dark side powers (I was a dark lord after all)

Romance (doesn't have to be canon): Bastila, we are linked.

Ultimate Alignment: Light Side

Other Info: I like to duel wield a standard saber in one hand, and a short saber in the other.

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