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Revan's Canon Head?

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I'd like for someone to make a canon-style Revan head for Kotor 1 that uses the "Mullet Man" head with a few tweaks to make it look like a younger version of this, without the scars and with more color in his face:

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I do realize that there are some other heads out there that resemble Revan slightly, but IMO there isn't one that is available for download now that filefront is down.


Thanks to anyone who agrees to make this

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I did a bearded Mullet Man the last time someone asked for a TOR Revan head - http://www.lucasforums.com/showpost.php?p=2847501&postcount=13


As for other heads on KOTOR Files, not all of them will be gone. Some are still archived:






If one you want is not, ask in the request thread. That's what it is for.

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I actually have your 'Bearded Mullet Man'. It's the one I've been using for Revan on my most recent playthrough of the game.


This was the file I had before that I put a request for in the thread you suggested:



I have already checked gamefront btw.

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