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Story bits and info concerning wizards of the Aetherium

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Edit: If anyone wants to suggest things or tell me constructive criticism, please feel free to reply or pm me, I don't mind



Preface: I don't usually write stories, I am a very oral story teller, so i have a lot of information in my head that is hard for me to translate into stories and such on paper. Over the next few weeks i'm going to start working on this thread to tell you guys one of my most popular oral stories; starting with the boring stuff that i sprinkle in that is important to the overall story, but not so much interesting other than to me. As I (if i do) figure out this medium better, I will go into detail with the actual, vast epic of the fall of the Elder council of the cosmic tortoise.


Anyways without further lollygagging, here is:


The colors of wizards:

White: A mastery over multiple forms

Black: A master at necromancy

Grey: a resurrected White wizard

Brown: a Master at Animal magnetism and of mind charms, (these wizards are able to sway others through exuding their powers with speech) also have the power to use telepathy.

Red: Masters of fire, and heat

Green: poisoners, and masters at the magic of botany

Blue: experts in creating storms of water, and of controlling water

Orange: experts at strength augmentation and at making there clothes and skin more durable, undiscovered magic

Purple: The clairvoyant and teleportation artists.

Yellow: power over shape shifting and electricity, undiscovered

Pink: healers and sanctifiers, undiscovered


Those are the major classes of wizardry. Note for all those that are interested in it, all classifications of wizardry can be used for good, or be used for evil, but only those especially powerful can taint a pool of magic so thoroughly that it corrupts others.

Black isn't always evil it can be used to bring back those unjustly killed or those who died before their times were done. but it can also be used to summon a hoard of undead followers to grow said persons power.

Brown can be used to bring a peace to those who want to only fight each other, or to quickly teach to peoples each others language, or to bring people under your control and ensnare their minds utterly through charms and telepathically overpowering them. Making them not but thralls

Red magic can keep people warm during winter, control and put out fires during summer and open paths in nearly uncontrollable fires to save innocent people, but it could also be used to steal the heat away from people and make them utterly freeze to death in the middle of summer, burn down villages, bring forth devastation wildfires that burn down villages at a time.

Green can reforest and grow trees and plants abnormally quick, but it could also poison someone, plant a seed to ensnare them, growing something that agonizingly consumes them.

Blue can end droughts and bring oasis to a dreadful dessert, or could mummify a region, scrambling and moving its waters to distant lands.

Orange can make someone strong and durable or could weaken enemies making them brittle or turning their armor to a fine dust that breaks with one fell swoop.

Purple can change the future for the better and teleport refuges to safer places or cheat their fate and scoundrel their way into powerful positions, teleport good folk into deserts to die, teleport only a part of a person to someplace, making them feel their phantom limb still from a great distance

yellow can power peoples homes, scare away predators and the like or it can electrocute people, and be used for mischeif

Pink may be hard to be used for evil with it being a healing craft, or to make so one rests forever, so the no necromancy can touch it, but i can say, without a shadow of a doubt it could be the most evil. think if you will of a man tortured eternally only healing enough to suffer more, think of those woefully destroyed, their bodies sanctified, but their spirits left to wander forever becoming wraiths or phantoms hoping for their qiuck end to come, body-less only suffering half a death feeling their agony and lonelyness eternally more.




So, now where can i begin in this story? Maybe some characters and lore (I hope this interests someone).




Kurig: Kurig is a white wizard, he's a master at red, purple and blue magic, he also can use green, brown and black magic, although his preferred forms of magic are red and purple, he is the grand master of the elder council of wizards and the lesser and more scattered wizard guilds, that host none master wizards.

Wears: a Browning white wizard hat with a crystal shard for in the moment incantations to increase his power, White robes, a belt with a golden buckle, brown boots


Hasdrat: Hasdrat is the last of the first race of the Aetherium called the clay kin, he has grayed brown skin, golden brown eyes. he is a great master of all magic forms secretly but is known as the brown wizard to his compatriots, he is second in command, not for a lack of skill, but for the want of a figure head to blame in case of things going wrong, he trained Kurig, no one else knows of his other magic mastery.

Wears:A Brown top hat, and a dapper suit with a side satchel with a piece of arcane bark that can translate any language. He also wears a dark brown trench coat that keeps his inner clothes clean


Bjuak: A green wizard of the savage colonies to the west of the mainland, he wears a cloak made of finely weaved poison ivy, and a loin clothe made of bark and grass. he hates necromancy and is the strongest ever known green wizard in all the land even being able to grow plants that are almost passable as humans. he also is able to grow any plant without the assistance of his magic because of his expert level and understanding of botany. his skin is the color of ash, his eyes are a blood red.

wears: As mentioned above, he wears a loin clothe made of bark that has grass growing in it to weave and cover his privates, and he wears a finely weaved and magically kept alive cloak made of poisan ivy.


Drandor: Drandor is a blue wizard, he was found as a child with Maif on a crashed life boat and adopted by a sailor who later brought them to the wizard domain when their powers started to manifest, he is the least masterful in his powers, but much more powerful of a blue wizard than any who trained as long as he has, he has no finesse but is a powerful wizard all the same. He has fair skin and a reddish blonde color of hair.

wears: A blue cloak ornamented with a piece of petrified wood as a brooch, he wears a green doublet with a pair of swashbuckling pants of a brown color, he also has a monopoly mustache.


Maif: Maif is a powerful blue wizard and adopted sister of Drandor, she is the youngest and the last member of the elder council at this time. she has trained as long as Drandor at blue magic, but is not as powerful at brute attack as he is, she holds finesse over him though, she could out pace him in a long battle, unless he hit her, in which case she may get hit too hard by his powerful attacks and succumb. her finesse gives her the title of grand master of blue over Drandor though, since she is much more trained.

Wears: Chain mail, from her head to her feet, a breast plate, a kilt over her chain mail and a sea foam blue cloak weaved from a fine silk material. she's nimble and quick even though she wears armor most of the time. she keeps the chain mail hood down which allows her insanely curly black hair to puff outwards




Mjelnoche: a powerful dead ex student of the council. He started out as a fire caster. Soon though his mind turned towards necromancy. His personality grew irratic and soon he started to do sick experiments. After a while he was discovered and forced into fighting the elder council, he brought some of the best wizards to his side, forcing upon them evil necromancy, tainting the magic further. When finally he was defeated. Parts of him were spread across the land in the hopes that no one would find gather and resurrect the plague master.


Orus: a mysterious figure who sides with mjelnoche he is purple and no one knows quite where he came from


Bryst: originally the student of Drandor and Maif, his pride lead him to be ensnared by the tainted black magic, he couldn't purify it.


Fauslic: tempted by Bryst to join him in purifying black magic, although thier goals were noble, they failed and later fled their masters, he would have been Kurigs student in red magic if it for us unfortunate fall, he s currently looking for his strong masters remains.







Kurig stood in front of his allies, he felt defeated, his tidings for them were dark. He sat down at his chair at the head of the council, walking past the empty junior member seats and feeling enormous sadness for the great loss they had suffered.


'I come bearing tidings' he said quietly as he sat. The others followed his lead and sat as well, looking at him and awaiting what news their leader had for them. Kurig looked at Hasdrat, his second in command, then to Bjuak, Drandor and Maif. He couldn't bring himself to tell them yet; he coughed, grabbing a pipe from his bag. Sighing he set his pipe inside his mouth. lighting it he thought of how to tell them that the last apprentices fled from them. Kurig lit his pipe; looking at Hasdrat again.


Hasdrat was a clay man, his skin was a pale brown, his eyes glowed golden yellow. He seemed patient with Kurig, something not often observed in their meetings. Hasdrat's suit was a darker brown with a shine to it, he wore a brown top hat, and his outer trench coat was the only dirtied apparel he wore. His shoes were shined and cleaned as well, if not better than his inner suit. He also wore a satchel carrying only a few things he needed for his travels. Hasdrat, the brown, a master word enchanter, a master magnate, and an expert linguist, looked at Kurig now with an almost knowing stare.


Kurig quickly averted his eyes; looking onto Bjuak, the green. He was savage compared to most men or women, he wore no pelts, no clothes made of animal; he only wore what he grew. A cloak as soft as silk made of ivy, and a loin clothe made of bark and grass. He was the foremost expert in botany and green magic. Maybe his connection to the forests and his near hatred for necromancy and men steered him there, he wouldn't like Kurig's news one bit. Bjauk was a grey color, considered almost black by his peers, his eyes were as red as blood. Those sinister eyes locked onto Kurig. Hesitating once more Kurig coughed again, looking over the table to Drandor.


Drandor had fair skin, he was red headed and had a beautifully braided beard and a swirled mustache. He wore a blue cloak with a wooden brooch over a green doublet, and brown, dirty, and used pants. He was a blue wizard who was a hero of the people. He had great power, but not the will to master it, instead focusing more on the mastery of giant waves and rainstorms. He easily tired, but was almost always able to defeat his enemies before tiring too much to fight. he was raised by a sailor who found him and Maif on a broken life raft together. Kurig felt her eyes beaming on him, impatient as always.


Maif looked quite angry today, could she know? Kurig asked himself, She had a breast plate over her chain mail, a kilt and a sword at her side. She was a warrior through and through, more so than her brother, more so than even Bjuak. Her cloak was sea foam over her mail. Her dark blue eyes stared into Kurig's very soul, it seemed.


"Well?" She said annoyed. Maif had been recalled from recruiting students to the wizard domain, a cause she found worthy. "What news do you bring forth to the council, recalling myself and Drandor from our most noble task."


Kurig tried to respond, looking for the right words though, is difficult in any situation. "I..." he trailed off, looking at Hasdrat; who only rolled his eyes at Kurig's perceived weakness. It wasn't really weakness, it was his pride, he had to swallow the fact that they had failed. he looked down. "They are gone," he said gesturing towards the junior seats. "they fled in the night, I only found a note by Bryst, They said they had failed us."


All of them softened their gaze on Kurig they failed with their last two students. Drandor was the first to look again towards Kurig.


"How, might I ask did they say they failed us?" Drandor inquired. They all knew the answer, Kurig said it in his sad stone grey eyes."No, not necromancy?" tears welled in Kurig's eyes. He stood, holding them back; the leader of those wizards spoke to them now, as their friend and as their commander.


"My friends, the lesser councils are broken, only a few good wizards stand under us now,we hold no students, and we are the last masters of sorcery in potentially all of the lands. We had two students left, but they have abandoned us now for our first failure. I fear they have become his thralls. Even in death he steers them to find him and re awaken him to destroy us. Few trust wizards, they burn us in the east, and jail us in the west. We dwindle to five true wizards, in a war, we would be crushed and the corruption that holds black magic now may go over even our classes of magic as we die. What plan can we have now to save ourselves, I ask you, the last of the elder and masterful wizards."


Hasdrat stood, breathing in through is nose, he put his hands on the great table in the meeting room and spoke his recommendation. "We shouldn't dare act as if we are as weak as we are now, I would say we should recruit more to our ranks, finding and gathering the greatest in the lesser wizards to train under us to become better guild leaders. We should reform slightly, but we should also not announce to the world that we are weak, the supposedly strong and the weak minded minions of those who may be in league with our enemy may start to assail us if they know the extent to which our failure has come to." He bowed slightly sitting down. Bjuak stood next.


"I agree that we shouldn't show our weakness, but I add that we should ban all necromancy, and reaffirm our stance on it through public executions." The other wizards bowed their heads, ever since Mjelnoche had been corrupted, Bjuak had revealed his hatred for black magic over and over again, "In case you four don't remember, three junior members have left because of its corruption. First Mjelnoche, the once valiant, who saved thousands with his powerful fire. He slowly succumbed to his darkness after he learned his craft. He reforged himself as our 'Shield'"The disdain could be heard in Bjauk's words.


"Forged an army, lead that army to torment good folk. When finally we refused him, the grim one as the peasants called him, went on to cause a civil war that left us only a hundred strong in all our guilds and colleges. Ten of our own elite elder council died." Bjauk paused, looking down, thinking of his fallen friends, and the silence they left him with. His red eyes looked upon Kurig angrily; but with a hint of pleading for something. "At our capacity we cannot handle another war; especially not one with a newly resurrected Grey wizard like Mjelnoche would be. We should keep his body moving, hiding our tracks, track down and execute Bryst and Fauslic, and lead this world into forgetting about the good and bad of necromancy." Bjauk was a harsh thinker, his work on people was rough most of the time. HE had grown sad after the war, as grim and angry as even Mjelnoche Kurig thought himself.


"We can't" whispered a soft voice. Bjuak looked over to Drandor who looked at a brooch he had taken off of his cloak. "This was a gift from my father, a piece of the boat I came from he crafted into something useful. I am glad to have it; I am also glad to see joy again after those dark times. We lost ten fine wizards, several hundred mages, several thousand apprentices, several thousand sorcerers, but we never lost why we fought, to stop his tyranny and stop the perceived injustice he caused." Drandor stood, "We cannot do as you say, no matter how much we want to, we cannot avenge our lost loves, siblings, family or sword-brethren, not in the way you propose. It would mean using our powers to usurp those who use necromancy and black magic for good. No matter how few those people are at the moment." Drandor sighed, and, taking a deep breath he looked between Bjauk and Kurig.

"We mustn't commit atrocities to stop atrocities, that would risk tainting say, green magic, or red or brown. We must rebuild. Discourage Black magic for a while yes of course, but not outright ban it unless it continues to be tainted by Mjelnoche's power. I suggest we recall all wizards, witches sorcerers and mages to our domain, our tower here for a re-dispersing and a retraining. a reform if you will to show that, although we are weak right now, we have strength in our morals, faith in our intelligence, and an indomitable will to do good. That's what I suggest, Gathering our strength and eventually growing our numbers after we are ready."



Kurig thought for a while, Bjauk's methods would be harsh and not gain them much favor with the four great nations surrounding them; who had suffered great casualties in the war between Council forces and the Necromancy Host. But Drandor's methods would reveal something grave about them that could inspire the ire of those who, during the war couldn't distinguish either from the other; no meeting greater than the elder council could dare be held almost the common wizards of the land, for threat of riots.

"Maif" Kurig looked at her unknowing, "Who would you go with?" he said, already knowing Hasdrat would go with Bjauk reluctantly. She scowled, glaring at Kurig, making her choose when he was the leader. She stood, as Bjauk and Drandor still did.

"I would choose neither, both are at the extremes what we should do, In battle, you do not put your whole force in, you keep reserves, you flank and use formations and maneuvers. In politics you form your words to make your opposing person seem the ass rather than you." She grabbed her brother Drandor's shoulder, "If we maybe had some of the more influential and their juniors come, and discussed our reformation with them as well as instituted rules against the practices of raising the dead for fear of what has happened, as well as covered our tracks and moved the body of Mjelnoche and recruited more students slyly, making it so we had a good base to start announcing our more open recruiting, playing the slow rise rather than anyone quick fix, i think we would do much better than just go with any of our singular plans."


They all sat down with a heavy burden, she could be right, the might not be better off just going a singular route. "Well" Kurig said "I wish you guys made it easy to figure. . ." he trailed off seeing something, he saw a symbol in his mind, his mouth opened and he looked shocked, and almost relieved as well. The symbol was recognizable as the mark of destruction. A symbol that the clairvoyant could see when the greatest of fire bringers were born, or that of the fall of great empires. The symbol clearly he could see to the north. some calamity he could feel would befall its bearer, but it's bearer may be their answer. "Firebrand I call them" Kurig mumbled, standing excitedly

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