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[TOOL] KPF - KotOR PathFinder

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Hello, as first post i'm introducing this little tool :cool:

Born as help-project for KSE336 and lower, this should become the new KSE337 detection engine for windows, Fair Strides is already testing this.

So what this tool do ? Since the original 4cds version this game has been released on gog and steam too, and not all versions write the registry key containing the games install path needed by KSE, 4cds do, gog do, steam don't do that for TSL and consider you can have multiple steam libs on different disks.

Whit this tool you can forget all the time spent pointing KSE to the game folder, this will check and report back all the existing swkotor1/2 paths and allow you to do a couple of things like:

-Export the paths to a KSE compliant INI file (kse336 and up)

-Export the TSL path to registry to allow kse (335 and lower) to find steam tsl like it was installed from disc

-Undo the reg changes




Download Link - VirusTotal Scan



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-- SW: KotOR PathFinder - Readme




Export To KSE.ini : Create/Update a KSE 3.3.6 compliant *.ini file containing the games install path.

Export To Registry : Export KotOR2 Steam path to registry.

Undo Export : Undo changes made by "Export To Registry"/-2reg.

+Steam+/+Disc+ : Change install type priority for "Export To KSE.ini" button, by default it's Steam.



-CMDLine Switches


"-2ini" : Export K1/K2 Paths to KSE.ini *

"-2reg" : Export K2 Steam Install into registry to look like a disc install, for older kse versions. *

"-undoreg" : Undo the registry changes made by -2reg or "Export To Registry" button. *

"-pdisc" : Give Disc Installs priority for -2ini ( Steam installs have priority by default).

"-logfile" : Enable logging to file.


*(Using this switch no GUI is displayed, once all requested tasks are done the app will close)



-- Thanks @





Fair Strides


# Changelog



First public release.


Please leave some feedback, if you encounter any bug or detection problem use the bat file included (logtofile.bat) to launch the tool, this will enable the logfile i will need that and a description of the problem, thank you !

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