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[KOTOR] Xor Unique Appearance

Sir Vougalot

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So it is clear from Xor's anti-human comments that he was meant to be a human, not a Twi'lek. I know that he was originally human in the XBox version, and that there used to be a mod on Filefront that restored that human appearance (which I cannot find anywhere else now).


What I would like is not for the original human model to be restored (because the youthful appearance doesn't match the old-timer voice), but for a unique human appearance for Xor to be created. I imagine him being sort of a redneck, so maybe some overalls are in order. (If not, I suppose the grimy clothing of the Taris Undercity citizens would suffice.) Since he sounds old, I suppose one of the older faces would do, with maybe a graying beard. And would it be possible to give him "Mullet Man's" mullet, except maybe make it light gray?


If this is impossible, I'll settle for a mod that simply replaces his old human appearance. Or I'll even take that as a placeholder for now while someone works on the unique appearance I described above.



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