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considering trying out for staff

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Maybe this is because it's late and I may not be thinking about it too closely.

I'm posting this before I change my mind and apathy sets in. Maybe I'm just curious. Maybe I'm considering doing this out of annoyance and wanting to do something about a problem I see. Spambots attack, fact of life. So the word is out to do something. More actively than just purging stuff every few days.


I do realize it would require me to visit more often than my current 2-3 times a week. Still I might not be able to come every day. I visit during nights for a bit. That's usually when spambots strike which ...I'm growing tired of. It's pushing me enough to come to you here and now.


What exactly would a moderator position of, say, community discussion entail? What would a moderator position entail PERIOD?


I have some idea what it is already. Essentially janitorial for trash and spam, and patrolling the zones chosen to ensure compliance with rules, and be sure at my discretion that behavior is tolerably appropriate for the forum. And lastly, reluctantly, nipping persistent problems in the bud with given authority as necessary.


Another aspect of it is humility enough to realize we all make mistakes and are human, to not be overzealous and to not have a chip on the shoulder as a representative of this site.


Anything else?

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