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Can't Get KoTOR I to Load on XP SP3


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I am trying to load KoTOR on my main research system, which is an older XP SP3 set up.


I have 2 full retail copies of the game one in the DVD case and one is the boxed set of DVDs in a case with the spiral manual


both have the same error.


When i get to the spot at the end of install where it asks if you want a icon on the desktop for a shortcut and I say yes, it then asks for the Disk 4 which is ALREADY IN the DVD drive had to be to get there.


it refuses to acknowledge it and wont complete the install and wipes out all of the files.


Is there a fix? is this a SP3 Problem? it is pretty frustrating. the Disks are new and unworn and not damaged at all.


i dont want to use the Steam version i want to use the original I am hoping to test the new Update restoration but need to re install the game thanks for any advice.\


UPDATE: I was able to get a playable install by removing the install directory before the installer wiped it, it still refused to accept Disk 4 WAS ALREADY IN the disk drive, ...but since install did not complete the patch wont apply .


I am going to see if the Restoration Patch will still complete and work the game looks like it will start here's hoping but that error bug is frustrating and puzzling. I wonder if anyone else who still uses XP knows about it.

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