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* * * URGENT!!! * * * Need A Fix For M4-78

Sir Vougalot

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First of all, sorry if this thread is out of place. You guys moved the modding forums, and frankly they confuse me now, so I decided to put this hear.


I am playing through KOTOR 2 with TSLRCM and M4-78 for the second time (I haven't changed or added anything to the game since my last run-through) and I cannot advance because M4-78 is not on the map. I completed Korriban, found the room devoid of Lona Vash, saw the recording of her and her Padawan, and received the datapad. I took it to T3-M4 aboard the Ebon Hawk and determined the location from him, with the accompanying journal entry stating that M4-78 is now available on the galaxy map.


Only thing is, it isn't. It's not there. Nada.


I read this forum, and the last post mentions manually moving the galaxy map files to the override folder, which should correct the problem. The only problem with that is that the M4-78 installation just that, and I cannot access any individual files within it as I would with a normal mod.


Can anyone either send the appropriate files to me, or give me a warp code that will take me to M4-78, or provide any other fix?


And please, I'm asking for urgency as I am just about to travel to the planet now and I have hardly any time to play this game with my work schedule. I'm also trying to get it done and over with as soon as possible to get to my other games I have waiting for me on my new PS4.


Thanks in advance!

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Never mind. I was forced to join Deadly Stream to get any sort of answer. I do believe this is probably the last nail in the coffin for me as far as these forums' usefulness is concerned. Thanks to all one hundred and thirty-seven people who have viewed this thread (so far) and offered no help whatsoever.


I think we're done, Lucas Forums. Please delete this thread.

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