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Mandalore as a Jedi

Wedge Suron

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Note: At no point during this, do I mean to be rude. I am simply pointing out problems that I have encountered during the usage of other mods of this nature. I simply do not have a good amount of Tact, so I don't mean any offense.


Now, I know there are two mods out there for this. But I can't find either of them with up-to-date dl links and even then, the one that turns him in to a Sith Marauder is bugged to prevent you from using more than the basic feat for Lightsabers. So, I was hoping that someone could make me a mod. As I use the All Party Jedi mod in the first game, I think it would be a good follow on from that. Other than when it's mandatory on Onderon, I don't really use Mandalore in combat. If he was a Force User though, I would definitely use him a lot more.


Lord Mandalore:

Class: Jedi Guardian turned Jedi Weaponmaster -I know that he's dark side aligned, but I think it would be too obvious to make him a Sith Marauder.-

Wearing: Robes instead of the armour in the slot, so he can use all of the Force powers that I'd like.

Lightsaber: Blue Single and a Shoto

Any Feats that he should Have: At least second tier of the basic Lightsaber feats and the Dual wielding feats.

Any Force Powers that he should have: Cure, Basic Speed, basic armour power, the basic Valor power and Shock.

Any Lightsaber Forms that he should have: Shii-Cho, Makashi, Soresu, Ataru and Juyo


Final Note: Can you please make sure that all of the feats work properly, as stated above the Sith Marauder mod didn't work properly.

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