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A sequel? Hold onto yer spaceballs! ...or not?

Darth Avlectus

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Admittedly I'm glad a sequel is being conceived upon but I'm skeptical because president Skroob--err I mean Mel Brooks has dangled this carrot in front of us all before. It'd be wise this time, though, if he shaped the mortar before it dries and got to it in the wake of the new SW movie (What was it called? The farce awakens?:p).


Unfortunately Barf and Dot matrix won't be there. Neither will Pizza the Hutt. If it were for real or there was some evidence it was actually in the works I might believe 'em. All I've seen thus far is just talk. Until then I'm going to say "yeah whatever" and go on about my life.


And on a semi related note I guess Rick Moranis in his retirement from movies is questioning whether or not to take up Tourettes Guy on his challenge. :devsmoke:


All this being said, this is my view on it...



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Aaahh, Spaceballs... brings back some awesome memories. As much as the idea of a sequel sounds intriguing, there are some stories that just don't need it. I'm not quite sure if Spaceballs fits into that category. Doesn't mean I won't see a sequel, if it's ever made. :)

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