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KSE 337 on win 10

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K. Maybe I'm missing something entirely here, but I cannot get KSE 337 to find any of my saved games for Kotor or tsl. I was using version 333 and that seemed to work just fine for the first Kotor, but nothing is finding my saves for TSL. Am I missing a step or something? Both games are on disk and installed to the program files (x86) part of my HD. Also as the title suggests, I'm on Windows 10. I dunno if that helps but anything you guys have to better assist would be great. Thanx!

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First off, I'd try running KSE as an admin. Anything installed to your main system drive under your Program Files folders has a certain level of protection, and lack of admin rights is a common issue when trying to deal with files located there.


It could also be an issue with registry keys not getting set properly, though that's much more common with steam versions and the like than it is with disc versions.


I believe the keys are:

For KotOR1:


String Value: Path


For KotOR2:


String Value: Path


In both cases, "Path" needs to be an actual path. Such as C:\program files (x86)\whatever\whatever\kotor -- Both obviously need to exactly match *your* installation.


I've got 337 installed, and (after asking me once for permissions in a window kinda hidden behind other things I had to go dig out ) it seems to work fine for KotOR 1. It says it can't find anything for K2 yet, but that doesn't surprise me, as I've been too busy fiddling with and modding K1 to *make* any saves for 2 yet.


If I discover anything else once I get into 2, and you haven't resolved the issue yet, I'll check back and see if I can be any more help.



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