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Solomen's Revenge mod problems


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I'm having trouble with The Solomens Revenge (Brotherhood of the Shadow Mod)

I installed the mod some time ago and It worked just find (after the patches were installed) now I felt like replaying it again. To start the mod you have to finish the Leviathan quest then return to Korriban and talk to Driz Kaliwt in the cantina. But when I get there he's not in there. Problem 1! So I decided to reinstall the mod using the TSL Patcher. The very first time I installed it there were no errors, however now I get this one from the install log " Error: Specified file was a 2DA file but not in binary format. That format is unhandled at this time. Unable to load . (2DA-1)" I thought it must be due to another mod I've installed, but I can't seem to locate this file. HELP! I've even reinstalled all the patches that I have to fix this to no avail. Does anyone out there ever had this problem and maybe help me out?

Jedi in need!

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