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Another Request for a Canonical Revan Head :)


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Hello everyone, this is my first post on this site :) I recently read and finished The Old Republic: Revan, and before I begin playing The Old Republic MMORPG, I wanted to replay both Knights of the Old Republic and The Sith Lords as canonically as possible. Soldier-Consular class, green single bladed lightsaber (despite what the Galactic Timeline videos show, Revan had a purple lightsaber during the Mandalorian Wars as the comics show and a green lightsaber after his mind wipe as The Old Republic: Revan shows), and of course, the head of Revan.


Both varsity Puppet's face and the goattee bearded version of it are great, but as the novel explains, Revan had a full beard during the Jedi Civil War, but shaved it soon afterwards. There is also no indication that the long hair we associate with Revan was short during the Jedi Civil War, so naturally it should be a bearded variation of mullet man, not soul patch guy :)


[On a side note, I read in the first post of the request thread for a canonical face that led to VarsityPuppet's face, that "The Old Republic: Revan" explains that the Jedi Council cut his hair short after his capture, but I remember no such explanation. Could someone point me in the right direction (to find where this explanation is written) if this is true?]


Anyway, I also like the bearded mullet man head, but this face is just a bearded version of it: It doesn't resemble TOR Revan. So it wouldn't be right for me to use it in a canonical run either.


I'm no modder, but I tried to mix VarsityPuppet's face and the bearded mullet man face, using PMHC04. The results were just... disturbing:




As you can see, the nose, the ears, the moustache that bridges the beard and the mouth are very glitchy. You can probably tell I have no idea how to properly edit the faces and make them look good :D


So, as you may have already guessed, my request is for you to mix the bearded mullet man and VarsityPuppet's face successfully so that it can look like how it was described in The Old Republic: Revan and resemble the Old Republic version as well. I would really appreciate it if someone could do it for me, and probably many others too :)


Thanks very much in advance, and good luck :thmbup1:

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