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Stuck After Ravager


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Hi all.


I seem to have a encountered a bug. After defeating Darth Nihilus and exiting the Ravager, I am transported back to Telos. It has been a few years since my last playthrough, but I think I remember Grenn is supposed to talk to me as I get back, but no conversation is triggered and clicking on him doesn't make him say or do anything.


The only mods I have installed are TSLRCM and Jinger's Admirality Mod (+ patch for compatibility).


Also, when I use the KSE to edit the autosave that happens when transitioning between the Ravager and Telos, it gives me this message:

Error msg: Could not find 205TEL.sav inside of C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\SWKotOR2\saves\000001 - AUTOSAVE\savegame.save at script/kse_336.pl line 1391.

TK::Widget::Callback at Tk/Widget.pm line 1153
Tk::Tree::IndicatorCmd at Tk/Tree.pm line 130
Tk::Widget::Callback at Tk/Widget.pm line 1154
Tk::HList::ButtonRelease1 at Tk/HList.pm line 283
Tk::HList::ButtonRelease_1 at Tk/HList.pm line 99
(command bound to event)


I also have a few earlier saves, such as before leaving the Ravager, and the one before that is before I return to Dantooine to chat with all the masters.


Any help is appreciated.

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