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3D Printed Chron-O-John from Day Of The Tentacle


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Hi everybody, this is my first post here, i just wanted to share my project to build a realistic Day Of The Tentacle Chron-O-John.

It took me a a few weeks for the design and a few days to print the different parts and assemble them together but it was worth it and made for a great gift for a special person.


Here's a picture of it from my hub on 3D Hubs.

And here a picture of how the Chron-o-John looked like in game.


I have spent most of the time designing the John itself, but didn't have enough time to create an accurate design for the engine even tough it's not bad in my opinion, just a little bit simplified if compared to the original one.

I've designed it so that i could accomodate a few LEDs into it to make it more realistic and ended up adding also an AC/DC adapter, a power bank, USB ports, cables and a power button. :D


Hope you like it!

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