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Triumvirate Lords Of The Third Dimension

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On the rotating part: Make sure your Object is not linked to the AuroraBase, else the ResetXform won't help.


So first de-link, move/scale/rotate, then ResetXform and as last Link the object to the AuroraBase.


What helps me out to, is to set the Pivot point to the centre. Thats an extra step I do just before the Resetxform.


Plus I found out if I add the AuroraTrimesh to my Mesh (in the stack box) I can set the SelfIllumColor and it works :)


Been a real idiot in overlooking that simple thingy.

So far the only "bug" I still have is the non solid thing for the cameras.

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@Doc: You can try to find an emitter that's already in-game that looks like what you want it to look like, or even kinda close, and copy the properties into you emitter and just experiment. In Max, we can't set all the properties, and you'll need to edit them in KAurora 3. NWMax is missing quite a few features. But just play around with it and see what works. For me, I just basically ported a KotOR emitter into my module.

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We're going on a helicopter ride, so I'll take some good pictures and video on that, and we're going hiking and my Dad and sister are going on a 8 hour mule ride. :xp: I wisely decided not to go. Anyway, it's a two day journey to Arizona from East Texas, so it's prime modding/playing time for me. I'll probably work on Revan most of the way, so I can send him to Shem once I'm back (Hopefully). Also, 90SK's doing some skins, so this will be more than just a Revan model mod. Anyway, Grand Canyon pics for Doc, on the list.

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Hey, guys! I'm at a little gas station out in the middle of nowhere in Arizona that has some kind of wireless internet. Anyway, pics for Doc, textures for Quanon, I'll get them all.


I'll be online more once we get to our RV park, then I'll begin the picture posting.



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YAY! I walked around for half an hour in our camprground and I found the spot that has a free wireless network. It's kinda ironic that the internet here is faster than what I have at home. :xp:


Anyway, I'm at the Grand Canyon now, it's AMAZING! I'd seen pictures/videos before, but you just have to see it. Anyway, tonight I'll post some pics, we're having some camera trouble, but I'll get them on for you. I'll also be sure and not fall off the side and be extra careful!



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Alright, guys! I've taken some great pics. We've got a digital camera that can do panoramic views so I've got some excellent photos that will serve as amazing skyboxes. I've got a few pics of me as well. No near death experiences yet, but I have gone out on a few ledges way out there. There's not really any time to do any modding, so I'll get back to it once I'm home. Oh, and I 'bought' everyone something at one of the many gift shops/stores. I'm not sure what everyone likes, so I just got you something.


OK, I'll start with Settoken. I got you all theses Navajo lizards which cost a fortune, by the way, anyhoo, I hope you like them.




Quanon, I got you this beastly Mountain Lion statue/carving. It costs close to a thousand dollars, so I spent about a fourth of my trip money. :xp: Hope you enjoy it! PS: It might be an inspiration for something that you can model.




And lastly, Doc. I got doc this giant Elk head. It'll go real nice in your living room or wherever, and you can always tell about how big a hunt you were on and all about shooting it and whatnot. It wasn't really for sale, so I used an alternate means of obtaining it... If you don't like it, I'll take it back and get you something else.




Alright, now to my pics. There's so many that I can't post them all on here, so I'm just going to post my skybox photos and pictures of me.


Here is SS standing on the rim of the canyon.



Here are all the panoramic photos that I've taken so far...






Anyway, if you want to use one for a skybox, I can send you a very large version.


Here is SS and fam standing of a rock ledge. I was very careful.



And here's another one of the canyon.



Well, that's all I have for you today, I wouldn't want to give away everything on the first night.

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Nice pics SS, wow, some really great sights out there.

And thx for that Lion :lol:


@Set: No not the Netherlands, Belgium :)

But both countrys have Dutch as a main language.


Yeah silly Belgium gots French aswell, oh and a small German part.

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It's pretty nice out here. Anyway, I'm having a good time, but I can't wait to get back to modding. I tried to work on Revan's model on the way, but the truck was way too bumpy. I'll get to work on it once I get back home. Say, anyone up for beta-testing it?

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It's not over yet, but it's going good so far. Tomorrow I go on a helicopter ride, I'm really looking forward to that one. I'll take lots of pics for ya!


Edit: I'm still workin' on that rock texture for you Quanon. I just haven't found the right rock yet. None of them just sing, but I'll find the one...

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:lol: Seems like your on a Quest SS :p


Have fun in that helicopter, I'v been on a small trip with a little plane once, it was fantastic.


EDIT; Altered my Siggy to fit Settokon in. :)

Hadn't noticed you edited yours SS

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The helicopter was great! I'll have to admit that I was a little nervous, but as soon as we lifted off, I calmed down. I think I spotted your rock, Quanon. Unfortunately, it was on the South Rim of the canyon. We're staying on the North Rim. I spotted it from the helicopter, but I didn't have a camera. And, I got to sit in the front seat, next to the pilot. It was really awesome. I also got a video of the whole thing.

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Your sabotage didn't exactly fail, you just got the wrong helicopter. We changed at the last minute. It was the one next to us that blew up. I've actually flown a plane before for an hour and a half at a flight camp, and I want to get a pilot's liscense someday...


Anyway, today's our last day here. It was fun, but I'm about ready to go home. Yesterday, we went on an all day rafting trip down the Colorado River. We drove for three hours in a bus before we reached the Glen Canyon Dam, which is the second highest in the nation. SS being crazy on the bus.



Anyhow, our guide was a hot college student named Brendal, and I enjoyed being on her boat... We saw some interesting sights while on the trip. The first was a big rock that looked like Jabba the Hutt, and then we saw a rock at the top of the canyon that looked unnervingly like a Jawa...






Ah, yes. We also went to an air museum (I'm a fan of planes), and saw some cool stuff there. Here are some pics.








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