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To the Padawan:


If your story gives an opening to the 'true sith' of Kotor 3, then I'm all for it. What I think would be great (if a role play story means multiple first person perspectives) try to model your story off of "Return from Exile" written by Machievelli. This could allow for much greater possibilities to character development and interaction. I would have used this for my fiction, but I was focusing on only one character.


P.S. If you use a Dark Side ending, I would greatly appreciate seeing Yuthura Ban as a part of your story. It doesn't matter if she's good or evil... It would be enough to hook me on your fiction. Thanks for the consideration.

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Female Revan & Bastila, Carth as the last Republic Fleet Admiral, Canderous as the Mandalore, Mission and Zaalbar dead, same with the 'lost' jedi executioners Jolee and our fake catgirl. I noticed that Revan is the Exile, that can be read easily through the texts in KotOR II


There is no peace - There is Passion

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As for Leia, the area that could've been worked on to turn her to the DS was her arogant, high mighty, know at all attitude. There is some hate in her there. Arogance can be turned to hate. You see guys even the smallest traits like these are tools to turn your enemies to our will.


Luke's impatience, agan another trait to work on too. Impatient much like his father. As for Solo I'm glad the traitor Tyber Zaan killed Solo. Solo use to be an Imperial officer, but he became soft trying to free wookies. He ended up limping into the woods for that. Thought he was killed there. Oh well. There or in space near Kuat doesn't matter. He turned from the true side and paid for it.


The droids. lmao. Wimpy crusty afeminent C3-PO and stubby multiple mechanical issues R2D2. How that little thrust bucket could hold the glorious Death Star plans I have no idea.


But here I go again getting off topic. In the end the Dark side of the force will destroy all the traitors.

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