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Drunken Time Travelers of StarWarsKNights.com

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Mainly about the infinite branching model of time, and how when travelling into the future, there's no knowing which future you'll go to, and when travelling into the past, there's almost no way to return to the exact same present that you came from, which runs the risk of there being two of you when you return to the present.

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Star Trek just released a Fan Collective pack. I don't have it in front of me, but there are some great episodes in the collection.


H. G. Well III did a great job on his grandfather's movie. I think The Time Machine from the 1960s and the latest one are some of the best adaptations. Temporal Mechanics used to explore deeply beyond the current human era, and into a future where civilization reverts back to a primitive way of life.

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Why Ireland? Why did you invade Ireland?


*goes back in time and invades Germany*


Sie haven sie invasionen der Irish gerfungen? EH, Fellstrabel? Oh no....


*goes back in time and invades China*


Hosi noga, CHINHA!!!!!!! Oh, no....


*goes back in time and stops self from invading those countries*


Ahh, life is good, eh?

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