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Lets do some organization

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I think its time we organize some things on our lovely board and set some things straight so we all agree on things and stay consistent. The first order of business I would have to say is thread necroing. As we can see from our latest example, the one who fails to understand sarcasm, we have a bit of a problem with newbies necroing posts. And as was suggested in another post, we could rez some older topics. I feel as if there should be a couple of topics that we leave totally open to necroing since they're basically on going topics that people like to post in for their first posts without creating too much of a stir. The threads I was thinking of were

http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=167570 (fav. char. thread)

http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=190056 (fav. maps)

http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=158254(fav. weapons)

and move this topic to general discussion

http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=162839(favorite side)

More can be added, those were just the low stake easily rezed with information that would at least do more than just annoy us. Because as we all know, almost every new member to these boards agrees with some problem that occurred back when battlefront 2 came out.

I say we agree to let newbs be newbs on these posts, itll also give us a place to observe them before we instruct them on proper grammar or welcome them to the community.

Issue 2.

"It is lucasarts" should be our motto/password/safety word/code word/any other words you can think of

Issue 3.

Other members and the security of this group

I've considered making this a private invite only group but I wont do it unless we feel it is warranted, and I want to give a chance for other people I may have forgotten about to join. If you think of anyone, either invite them, or if you cant, send me the names and Ill do it. Post your feelings on privatizing or invite onlying this group.

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@ Issue 1: Exactly the idea we're getting at, only don't rez them. That way, the dates aren't there to cause any short-sighted mod that might enter to close it. New thread, same/varied polls etc.


@Issue 2: already unofficially used as the BF regulars motto, i'm sure, but hey. LET'S MAKE IT OFFICIAL


@ Issue 3: Not fussed on private/public. I switched RC to private, and now back again and i don't think anyone noticed.

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I like the "issues," but I have a few comments/thoughts to note down for you.


On Issue 1: If anything, we should gain permission by the respective mods to rez them ourselves and outline the reasons. The driving reason behind all reasons would be forum activity, obviously, but to detail why that specific topic would be useful/important to rez. Simply not touching it upon rez may be bad.


I think what may be best for the "newb" concept (seeing I'm one of them) is perhaps a stickied topic regarding proper conduct for new members and maybe even a list of which members are highly respected and to acknowledge that when posting in reply to them. It helps to keep mess-ups and disrespectful encounters from arising. I have my own policy where I'm just respectful to everyone equally, but not every new member is as naive as I am. ;]


On Issue 2: I'd like to be credited for that quote where/whenever it's used, if possible. I like seeing my name in lights.


On Issue 3: I don't see why we don't simply have it in the description that you can request an invite by one of the members, and then privatize the group. That way, folks can join, but with full approval by the group itself... I'm not entirely sure of the current procedure, but if you feel privatization is best, then I'll concur.


Thank you for reading.


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Eh, lists of "highly respected members" have been done before.


And they all failed.


They just turn everyone into egotistical cavemen, the ones that were on it gloating and the ones that weren't bitching.


Stickied, capitalized, Must-adhere-to rule list yes.

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Well, I didn't mean for a literal list to be made, but anyone above [insert numeral here] posts should be acknowledged for their long-standing membership. Not to go too far, but I see what would happen in your case there, TSR. Sounds bad.


Thank you, link. I think it's a good idea, too, considering I care up with it. ;]




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